Degrees of American patriotism

According to JE Skeets, Ball Don’t Lie, a reader [referred to as ‘the Patriot’] has called into question the patriotism of Team USA members, Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh,

The 10-man rotation, starring the Great Brick Wall of China

on account of their physical stance during the pre-game playing of the US national anthem.

” … Am I missing something here? Is this not the Olympics where you are representing your country against all other countries? Even in a regular NBA game you should put your hand over your heart during the national anthem so it boggles me even more so they did not do it during the Olympics. Maybe Chris Bosh has spent too much time in Toronto and forgot how that works. Dwight claims to be Superman, but other than apple pie and baseball, nothing is more American than Superman — no excuses for him. I lost all respect for these two stars. My vote is to force these two to sign with a European team like the rest of the clowns that have left the good ol’ USA in search of the almighty dollar.”


Are you missing something there, ‘the Patriot’?

Well … for the record … please let it be known in the blogosphere that individuals with this specific attitude toward others make this corner disgusted.

Commendations to all Olympians, everywhere … irrespective of the country they’re from … for displaying the best of our human traits … in pursuit of excellence, and through collaboration with one another.

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4 Responses to “Degrees of American patriotism”

  1. mao Says:

    People honor their country in their own way. Some people sing the anthem, and others don’t. Some have their hand over their heart, others don’t. It’s bullshit to question someone’s patriotism because you don’t like the way they’re standing during the anthem. Who does that guy think he is, John McCain?

  2. Travis Outlaw Says:

    Maybe Chris Bosh has spent too much time in Toronto and forgot how that works. Thats messed up. They only did that because there both still little kids.

  3. K-man Says:

    This contention is ridiculous. What a snide remark regarding Bosh’s time in Canada. This seems to be another case of “whose balls are bigger?” when it comes to flashing national colors.

    This is like someone calling me out for eating a hotdog incorrectly because I studied abroad.

  4. Raps Fan Says:

    i’m of the opinion that those ‘who walk the walk’ are the ones you want representing you the the ones ‘who walk the talk’. my votes with mao!

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