The Source of Confidence

The power of confidence (From Deep)

How important is the simple act of winning to good performance? It’s something that most sports psychologists can’t explain, let alone sports writers. But if you accept the notion that most NBA players are excellent, with the exception of the small handful of superstars who are even better, winning, or the confidence you get from winning, seems to have a pretty important impact on actual performance.

(for example, yesterday against Toronto …)

The Celtics started the second quarter with Paul Pierce, James Posey, Glen Davis, Tony Allen and Eddie House on the floor. Last season a group slightly better than this – substitute Al Jefferson for Davis and Delonte West for Eddie House – was one of the worst teams in the NBA and a blight on the Celtics proud history. But now they’re part of the Celtics juggernaut that is laying waste to the NBA. Now they’re poised to go on a 10-2 backbreaking run to start the quarter (at which point Garnett subbed for Pierce) and pretty much end the game. Those guys aren’t great players by NBA standards, but they’re confident, winning NBA players, which means they are playing loosely and passionately. The result is an effective second unit on a team that most critics panned for a lack of depth.

True Confidence comes but from one place … prior Accomplishment.

It is understated, not brash … and, knows internally that it can get the job done, in a specific situation, because it’s been done before, under similar conditions.

An individual or a team that gets the job done properly, repeatedly … first, in practice, then in games and, finally, in the playoffs … develops an Internal Compass which is pointed, continually, in one direction, towards Winning.

“Graduated Task Accomplishment” is the powerful biofeedback ‘Learning Loop’ which conditions the performer(s) to believe whole-heartedly in the inate quality of his/her own performance, within a specific environment. 

True Confidence is not bragadocious, cocky or pretentious.

It is silent, resolved and grounded, firmly, in unrelenting Hard Work, Unselfishness and Grit.

It’s The Stuff of which Champions are made.

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    Very interesting perspective. Mind if I blogroll you? I’m over at Let me know, thanks.

  2. khandor Says:

    Welcome aborad!

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