What Makes a Great Player?

Not sure when this specific segment first aired live … but, so far, this is the 1 video clip that every aspiring anybody … in any field of endeavour, anywhere in this world … absolutely NEEDS to watch, in order to maximize their ability to succeed in Life, in a gargantuan way …

Charles, Kenny, Earvin “Magic” Johnson … see, that’s why you log-on to NBA.com … for that kind of stuff.” – Ernie Johnson

THE ANSWER … and mandatory viewing … for those few who aspire to greatness.

5 Responses to “What Makes a Great Player?”

  1. AJ Says:

    This is a great clip! When’s it from?

    I found it weird when Chuck said, “As Ervin said…” Do you think Magic is called Ervin a lot?

  2. AJ Says:

    I should have put an “a” in Earvin

  3. khandor Says:


    Thanks for your comments!

    Not sure of the exact date for this vid-clip … but it looks as though it’s from a TNT segment a good while back.

    Magic seems a touch younger than he’s looking these days. 🙂

    Earvin (his given) has been what his friends call him from way back in the day, as far as I know.

  4. Ty Says:



  5. khandor Says:


    Here yo go.

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