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Gooden … plenty … good enough

December 12, 2008
Co-Captain for the Bulls

Co-Captain for the Bulls

As an elite level NBA player, this corner of the net does not have a real appreciation for the individual game of the Bulls’ current #90, who is not the type of PF these eyes prefer, on a regular basis, e.g. like The Worm, Worthy, McHale and Lucas.

That said …

There are several reasons why Chicago seems to play better when he’s on the court this season …

Bulls’ Best 5-Man Units [2008-2009]


Bulls’ Joakim Noah frustrated with individual play
One day after Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro doled out some uncharacteristically stern words regarding Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas, fellow big man Drew Gooden said it was unfair to compare the former high draft picks to rookie wunderkind Derrick Rose.

“[Rose] was handed the ball and told, ‘Lead this team.’ ” said Gooden. “I don’t think it’s fair to say Tyrus and Joakim should match what Derrick is doing. It takes more time for certain people. … You have different roles.”

Del Negro said that Noah and Thomas must focus better and work harder.

“It takes a while,” Gooden said. “I went through my growing pains. There’s not one guy in this league who hasn’t.

“This is a job. This is a work atmosphere [compared to] going to college and playing basketball basically for your education. This is your living and this is a business.

“[Noah and Thomas] understand it. … They will grasp it sooner or later. … They’re still young. They have a lot of potential.”


not the least of which is the fact that he’s a first-class teammate, who says stuff like this ^^^, in support of his younger struggling and still largely erratic teammates. 

If the Baby Bulls do actually end up “getting it”, sometime during the latter half of this season, they just might be able to sneak into the 8th and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

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Fight or flight response

May 6, 2008

Q1. When the Code by which you live is, “Run, Run, Run …“, how can you possibly hope to respond … during times of hardship … with steadfastness?

A1. In all likelihood … you can’t.


After an oftentimes spectacular 4+ years at the helm of the Phoenix Suns, head coach, Mike D’Antoni seems as though he will soon be moving on to – what he hopes will be – greener pastures.

In a searing indictment of all that’s at the root of the Basketball Philosophy, ‘Seven Seconds or Less‘ (Jack McCallum), Adrian Wojnarowski (Yahoo! Sports) explains the how’s & why’s.

D’Antoni ready to leave his desert mirage behind

Mandatory reading for all.

Raucous 10-man gang in Chicago

March 12, 2008

Q1. Who are now the key players for Da Bulls? 

A1. Ben Gordon (PG), Thabo Sefolosha (OG), Nocioni (SF), Gooden (PF), Joakim Noah (C), Larry Hughes (G/F), Luol Deng (F), Tyrus Thomas (PF/C), Gray (C) and either Duhon (PG) or Hinrich (PG). 

If you take a closer, detailed look at this

from the 05:39 mark of the 1st Quarter, when Ben Gordon (playing at the PG spot) subs in for Kirk Hinrich (CHI 10, Uta 14) … to the 10:11 mark of the 2nd Quarter, when Hinrich subs back in for Thabo Sefolosha (CHI 31, Uta 23) …

you can see quite clearly

what the future holds

for this collection of

Bulls …

with ‘the right’ coach in place.

Running of Da Bulls

The ‘game ball’ is now firmly in the hands of John Paxson/GM.

If … he makes the right choice, re: the next head coach in Chicago … LOOK OUT! … Da Bulls will be back in business, in a major way, as ‘PrimeTime Contendas’ in the East for the next decade. 

Antics of an interim head coach

March 6, 2008

* J.E. Skeets, Ball Don’t Lie: Tyrus Thomas suspended two games for missing practice

Watching the debacle that was the Bulls’ meltdown in the final 6 minutes of their recent game @ Cleveland (Mar 2) … what was on display by Jim Boylan (& staff) … as far as his decision-making was concerned, re: his use of Tyrus Thomas (or lackthereof) … was completely SHOCKING.

When the Bulls had Thomas (+5, in 24+ MP) on the floor they were a totally different team compared to when he was shackled to the bench (i.e. every other Bull finished as a minus). 

Boylan’s decision to take TT out of the game at the 05:12 mark of the 4th … CHI 80, Cle 79 … and never put him back in …

was THE reason Chicago lost this contest by 9 points …

in conjunction with his ridiculous decision to replace Ben Gordon with Kirk Hinrich at the 02:37 mark … Cle 85, Chi 83 … after which the Bulls lost contact with the Cavs for good.

When an NBA head coach cannot see that a player is making a ‘positive difference’ for his team’s on-court performance and instead decides to discipline/punish/marginalize/etc. that specific player for his own personal reasons … that cost his team W’s … it’s a major problem … in this case, for the Bulls.

Chicago now has enough 1st-class NBA talent to challenge for a playoff spot this season … and, for the next decade, as well, with a few minor tweaks of their roster this off-season … 

Running of Da Bulls

BUT … not if this type of nonsense is left unattended (or condoned) by their GM.

Da Bulls’ problem is no more

February 22, 2008

If ‘Da Bulls’ decide to play ‘up-tempo’ basketball, ‘4 out/1 in’ style … Run, Run, Run … Is there (now) another team in the league with more depth, athleticism, ‘scoring’, and rebounding – at each of the 5 spots on the floor – than this ‘Group of 15’ for Chicago?

2007-08 Roster 
6 Shannon Brown  G  6-4 211 11/29/1985   Michigan State 1
20 JamesOn Curry  G  6-3 190 01/07/1986   Oklahoma State R
9 Luol Deng – C  F  6-9 220 04/16/1985   Duke 3
21 Chris Duhon  G  6-1 185 08/31/1982   Duke 3
90 Drew Gooden  F  6-10 250 09/24/1981   Kansas 5
7 Ben Gordon  G  6-3 200 04/04/1983   Connecticut 3
34 Aaron Gray  C  7-0 270 12/07/1984   Pittsburgh R
12 Kirk Hinrich – C  G  6-3 190 01/02/1981   Kansas 4
32 Larry Hughes  G  6-5 185 01/23/1979   St. Louis 9
35 Demetris Nichols  F  6-8 216 09/04/1984   Syracuse R
13 Joakim Noah  F  6-11 232 02/25/1985   Florida R
5 Andres Nocioni  F  6-7 225 11/30/1979   Argentina 3
2 Thabo Sefolosha  G  6-7 215 05/02/1984   Switzerland 1
15 Cedric Simmons  F  6-9 235 01/03/1986   North Carolina State 1
24 Tyrus Thomas  F  6-8 215 08/17/1986   Louisiana State 1

Maybe … only 1.

The problem with Da Bulls … is no more!

Despite their disasterous start this season – and keyed by the trades from yesterday – the Chicago Bulls are now poised to (once again) make the Playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

Kudos to their GM, John MacBeth Paxson.