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Beast of the East … right now

September 15, 2008

In sharp contrast to many some observers in the hoops blogosphere …

[for example]

* Detroit being left behind as rest of East improves
* Summer Forecast: Which way is the East going?
NBA off-season rankings – v3.0
* NBA power rankings: Celtics no surprise as preseason No. 1

if these eyes had to make a projection, this second, on the eventual No. 1 team this season in the Eastern Conference … the pick would be the … Detroit Pistons.

Given the Celtics’ loss of James Posey [F/G] …

* Exchanging Michael Curry for Flip Saunders is going to have a gigantic, positive effect on the performance of this team
* Adding draft picks like Walter SharpeTrent Plaisted, Deron Washington 
* Exchanging Kwame Brown for Theo Ratliff
* Adding a very athletic Euro pro like Will Bynum

and, most importantly

* The continued maturation of Rodney ‘The Real Deal’ Stuckey [Yr-2], Arron Afflalo [Yr-2], Jason Maxiell [Yr-4], Amir Johnson [Yr-4] and Cheikh Samb [Yr-2] 
* While maintaining their overall roster stability … by retaining KEY players like Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace

has further ensconced Detroit at the top of their conference and cemented Joe Dumars’ place amongst the finest GM’s in the NBA today.


Q1. Have the Pistons lost three [3] consecutive Eastern Conference Finals?
A1. Yes they have.

Q2. Do they have the horses, once again, to make it back to the NBA Finals?
A2. Yes they do.


More importantly, though … no other NBA team has been able to re-tool their overall line-up … while continuing to perform at a very high level … and is better equipped, at this time, going forward from here … with a mix of talented veterans & youngsters, in position to ‘wheel & deal‘, if necessary.

Kudos to Joe D.!

The Man simply knows what he’s doing.

76ers keep adding integrated pieces

September 2, 2008

Someone with this team knows exactly what he is doing.

Donyell Marshall is set to join Sixers.

Since the 2005-2006 season, the 76ers have undergone a thorough make-over … divesting themselves of Jim O’Brien (Head Coach), Allen Iverson (G), Chris Webber (C) and their former GM (Billy King), in favour of Mo Cheeks, Andre Miller, Thaddeus Young and Ed Stefanski, respectively.

This off-season … by re-signing their own key Free Agents (i.e. Louis Williams and Andre Iguodala) and bringing in a group of solid new players (i.e. Elton Brand, Royal Ivey, Theo Ratliff and Marshall) … the 76ers have attempted to push forward into a new stratosphere, in the NBA, as one of the top four teams in the Eastern Conference … alongside the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons.

How far can the Sixers go this year?

If they can remain healthy … Philadelphia is now good enough to qualify for its second consecutive playoff berth and become a serious threat to advance to the EC semifinals.

Distancing themselves from the (Eastern) pack

February 29, 2008

With player personnel moves like these …

Detroit – Ratliff leaves Wolves, heads to Detroit
Boston – Brown in town to lend depth & Clippers cut Cassell

the Celtics and the Pistons are continuing to tighten their strangle-hold on the Eastern Conference … intent on amassing enough (i) Offensive fire-power, (ii) Defensive strength, and (iii) Rebounding tenacity, to successsfully repel an all-out assault by the other in an effort to reach the NBA Finals this season.

With these three additions – arrived now or pending – each of these two rosters …

now has the goods to go the distance this spring!