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The NBA’s Phantom Menace

March 7, 2008

* David Neiman, The NBA MVP Award, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kelly Dwyer, Part II

This season, they (the prime MVP candidate) exist on another plane of basketball reality.

Then the debates about the MVP begin, and by and large most of these arguments don’t really make all that much objective sense. What’s worse is that they shift the emphasis from the nightly hoops miracles that three very deserving players are performing to nonsensical comparisons, erroneously interpreted statistics, and emotional outbursts.

And in the end, we’re left with the sporting world’s equivalent of midi-chlorians as an explanation for greatness.

————————————————————–The analogy of unnecessarily trying to define ‘the Force’ … in comparison to ‘defining’ what criteria SHOULD be used to determine the League’s MVP Award … is brilliant.No doubt … there are certain Mysteries in Life (Art & Sports) which should NOT … ever … be explained.

It is what it is … It ain’t over til it’s over … Basketball is a Brotherhood … We not me … You’re not done until you’re done … If you build it, they will come … May the Force be with you … Choose Wisely … Never, Ever Give Up

Neiman goes yard, again.

1st Class Tales of Hoop (1)

February 28, 2008

For the benefit of all …

David Neiman,, The Evolution of the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant: How a Leader Was Born

A tremendous ‘Work of (Literary & Sport) Art’.