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PJ, h2o, the doctor & yard work

July 31, 2008

Just found this jem a few minutes ago, courtesy of AOL Sport’s NBA Fanhouse. Better late than never.

Afterall … who knew that, in addition to being the subject of 1 of only 4 posters this correspondent has ever owned, dating back some 30 plus years …

… the good Dr. (J) would, in fact … “Go ahead and make my day” (today) … expressing his current day appreciation for the high flying death defying electrifying San Antonio Spurs.

And to think … there are still some who doubt that (the one, the only) Julius Erving would have done a bang-up job if he had been named General Manager of the Toronto Raptors (Feb/2006), as was the declared preference of then Dino-superstar, Vince Carter.


RC Buford, Gregg Popovich … and the Fro, in all it’s vivid splendor.

[PS. The Legend of Dr. J – The Julius Erving Story. In 1975, the subject of my first book report in school.]

Boston Celtics, NBA Champions (2007-2008)

June 18, 2008

Basketball is a game played in three distinct phases:

* Offense
* Defense
* Rebounding

What it takes to win the NBA Championship [Dec 12, 2007]

Teams which combine these three phases of the game, in the most well-balanced way, succeed … on and off the court.

Quality Rating (QR) is a simple measure which combines the:

* Points Scored Differential Ranking (PSDR)
* Points Allowed Ranking (PAR)
* Rebounding Differential Ranking (RDR)

to produce a Quality Index Ranking for each of the 16 teams which eventually make the playoffs in the NBA.

Legitimate Contenders in the NBA, Part I [Dec 18, 2007]

Since the early part of the 2007-2008 regular season schedule, the Celtics established themselves as THE dominant team in the League; at one juncture, ranking #1 in all three measures (i.e. PSDR, PAR & RDR) and with a QR of 3 …

Legitimate Contenders in the NBA: Part V [Apr 18, 2008]

which, fundamentally, did not change throughout the balance of the season.

Most NBA observers fail to understand the value of Rebounding & Defense at the highest level of competition.

Most NBA observers fail to understand the value of Individual Match-ups & Mis-matches in determining Winners & Losers within a specific game.

Most NBA observers fail to understand the value of a Core Covenant built upon Rebounding, Defense, Individual Match-ups and the concepts of Shared (Unselfish) Offense, Teamwork and Ubuntu!

Red Auerbach understood these things.
Bill Russell understands these things.

So, now, does Danny Ainge …
and Doc Rivers,
and Thom Thibodeau, Armond Hill, Kevin Eastman & Clifford Ray,
and Bryan Doo, Walter Norton & Ed Lacerte,
and Paul Pierce, Ray Allen & Kevin Garnett,
and Kendrick Perkins & Rajon Rondo,
and James Posey, Eddie House & Scott Pollard,
and Tony Allen, Leon Powe & Brian Scalabrine,
and Glen Davis & Gabe Pruitt,
and PJ Brown & Sam Cassell.

As did Grady Rivers.

Kudos to the Men in Green … on a job supremely well done, from worst to first!

Distancing themselves from the (Eastern) pack

February 29, 2008

With player personnel moves like these …

Detroit – Ratliff leaves Wolves, heads to Detroit
Boston – Brown in town to lend depth & Clippers cut Cassell

the Celtics and the Pistons are continuing to tighten their strangle-hold on the Eastern Conference … intent on amassing enough (i) Offensive fire-power, (ii) Defensive strength, and (iii) Rebounding tenacity, to successsfully repel an all-out assault by the other in an effort to reach the NBA Finals this season.

With these three additions – arrived now or pending – each of these two rosters …

now has the goods to go the distance this spring!