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They ARE good … ala Baskin Robbins

October 1, 2008

Surveying the NBA landscape, via the net, any given day, can be like wading through a haystack in search of a needle.

That said … 

some of what struck these eyes as noteworthy, from around the association, yesterday were these two simple pearls, from Monty Williams [Assistant Coach] and Ben ‘the blogger’, respectively, at the Trailblazers’ first day of training camp:

A Few Thoughts from Practice


“… on my way out I said, ‘They look good.’

Monty replied, ‘They ARE good.’



The main takeaway from today for me was the challenge that Nate faces.  It’s one thing to diagram a depth chart on paper, it’s another to see all those big, multi-talented, athletic, versatile bodies all on the floor at once, going at it full-speed.  Lots of choices. Baskin Robbins status.


It’s the dawn of a new day in Portland, and … if Greg Oden can just manage to stay healthy … whoever might sleep on this crew, this season, is going to be in store for a Rude Awakening.

This team is deep, skilled, long and very athletic … with a solid head coach.

NOTE: To think that some Raptors’ fans actually believe that Toronto [41-41] is somehow ahead of Portland [41-41], right now … i.e. Are we better than the Blazers right now? … is head-scratching stuff.


After the Gold: First-class comments from Team USA

August 24, 2008

Straight from the horses’ mouths …

Post-game comments from members of Team USA

Click the link ^ … and read each one.

What it means to be a TEAM.

Legitimate Contenders in the NBA: Part II

December 25, 2007

Western Conference

1. San Antonio Spurs, 19-7, 1st Southwest … Until the reigning champs go down to defeat in this year’s playoffs, they’re still the best team in the NBA, by far. Versatile and disciplined, the best blend of Offense, Defense & Rebounding in the league today. 

2. Los Angeles Lakers … 17-10, 2nd Pacific … With new puzzle pieces this year (i.e. Derek Fish, in place of Smush Parker; Chris Mihm, returning from injury last season; and Trevor Ariza, in exchange for Maurice Evans & Brian Cook) and the expected growth in Andrew Bynum’s game, this team will soon be a Force again in the NBA, under the Zenmaster. A “Sleeper Pick” for this season.

3. Portland Trailblazers, 15-12, 2nd Northwest … The required building blocks are in place for this franchise to have an extended run of success at the very top of the NBA … once they add-in Greg Oden next year. No team in the league has a better core group of young players, plus an elite level head coach, than the Blazers.

Crystal Balling:
When the Spurs and Kobe finally begin to wane, 5 or so years from now, it will be Portland that emerges as the #1 team, overall, in the Western Conference. 

Seasons Greetings!

Blazing a New (Old) Trail in Portland

December 22, 2007

The 2007-2008 Portland Trailblazers are for real.

Last night’s come-from-victory over the Nuggets (POR 99, DEN 96) was their 10th win in a row.

In the history of the NBA, mediocre teams do not win 10 games in a row, within any given year … especially with the No. 1 Pick Overall from the preceeding NBA Draft (i.e. All-World-To-Be, Greg Oden/C, 7-ft, 250 lbs), not having played a single game thus far.

The Blazers roster, right now, looks like this:


Player Pos Ht Wt DOB Exp College
 12 Aldridge, LaMarcus FC 6-11 240 7/19/85  1 Texas
 2 Blake, Steve PG 6-3 172 2/26/80  4 Maryland
 44 Frye, Channing FC 6-11 245 5/17/83  2 Arizona
 0 Green, Taurean G 6-0 177 11/28/85  R Florida
 1 Jack, Jarrett PG 6-3 197 10/28/83  2 Georgia Tech
 33 Jones, James SF 6-8 220 10/4/80  4 Miami (FL)
 9 LaFrentz, Raef FC 6-11 245 5/29/76  9 Kansas
 4 McRoberts, Josh FC 6-10 240 2/28/87  R Duke
 23 Miles, Darius  * SF 6-9 222 10/9/81  7 None
 52 Oden, Greg  * C 7-0 250 1/22/88  R Ohio State
 25 Outlaw, Travis F 6-9 215 9/18/84  4 None
 10 Przybilla, Joel C 7-1 255 10/10/79  7 Minnesota
 11 Rodriguez, Sergio G 6-3 168 6/12/86  1 None
 7 Roy, Brandon G 6-6 229 7/23/84  1 Washington
 8 Webster, Martell GF 6-7 229 12/4/86  2 None

* – Player injured

and is the youngest in the NBA.

Think about that for a moment, or two …

What’s the magic in Portland’s water at the moment?

As a young “Group of 5”, Brandon Roy (PG), Martell Webster (OG), Travis Outlaw (SF), Channing Frye (PF) and LaMarcus Aldridge (PF/C) are as talented (i.e. skilled, quick & strong, with good size, intensity & Basketball IQ) as any quintet in the NBA today.

Once Oden makes his debut, next season, and effectively addresses their deficiency in Rebounding (Differential = -3.1/#28); with a top flight coach (i.e. Nate McMillan) and a plethora of functional role players (e.g. Steve Blake, Jarrett Jack, Sergio Rodriguez, James Jones, Joel Pryzbilla, Raef LaFrentz) … this team is going to become entrenched in the upper echelon of the NBA for the next decade.