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What it’s all about …

December 19, 2008

Those who are able to watch this video clip and then try to blame the Captain of the Toronto Raptors for the current state of affairs with this team simply indicate their own lack of basketball acumen and sophistication: 

Although this young man can definitely score the ball, in this League, he is not a Prime Time scorer, per se.

What he is, at 24 years of age, in his 5th NBA season, is wise beyond his years, and made of championship material.

1. Find him the right teammates to play beside … like Jose Calderon, for example;

2. Use him at his best position, which is CENTER;

3. Make him focus on his individual strengths, as a person and a player … which include his intelligence, his imagination, his curiousity, his sense of team, his Rebounding, his off-the-ball Defense, his Shot-blocking, his transition game, his quickness and his agility;

4. Help him to better understand his place within the history of the game, and where it is he fits today within the panoramic landscape of Big Men … like Russell, Reed, Cowens, Hayes, Walton, Sikma, Abdul-Jabbar, Moses, Parrish, Laimbeer, Olajuwon, Robinson and Duncan … each one an unique center-piece for a championship team;

and what you will end up with is an extended run in the upper echelon of the NBA … if you really do know what you’re doing, in terms of building a TOP NOTCH organization, from the gound floor up, in the world’s best professional basketball league.

Fail to heed these words, however … and, instead, ask/demand/expect of him to be something which he is not … and it will simply be Just Another Lost Opportunity for the Toronto Raptors Basketball Club.

Players like this … with this sort of ability, stability and strength of character … only come around every so often Where Amazing Happens!

The most exciting basketball player on earth

September 5, 2008

For those who came of age through the 1970’s & early 1980’s … it doesn’t get any better than this … as the ‘White Shadow‘ profiles Julius Winfield Erving, II.

Part I

Part II

Part III is absolute Gold … when it comes to things like …

the Doctor’.

76ers go back to the future

March 24, 2008

25 years later … the 1983 World Championship Philadelphia 76ers team … with Dr. J, Moses, the Jones Boys, ‘the Italian Stallion’, ‘the Boston Strangler’, and ‘Li’l Mo’ … remains the all-time favourite NBA team of this observer.

As the Sixers take the court this evening in Boston (against their arch-rivals) … and, having (finally!) reached the .500 mark (35-35) this season … it is only fitting that the man most responsible for their re-birth is, himself, an indelible link to that same Sixers’ team which captured the imagination, heart & mind of certain NBA aficionados back in the day.

When his name is mentioned today, as a candidate for ‘Coach Of the Year’ honours … these are the bookend set of images which come to mind of the giant little man from West Texas State … 

(1) the Little Engine … that did


(2) the Duet Maestro who …

has always understood, implicitly, what it means to be a Point Guard … in this world.

A salute to Maurice Cheeks

10:34 PM … Final Score: BOS 90, Phi 95 … My, Oh, My!

Where the Rockets go from here

March 14, 2008

A 20-game winning streak … which equals the 2nd longest in NBA history … has propelled the Houston Rockets to the upper echelon of different Power Rankings compiled by NBA experts …

2007-2008 Holinger Power Rankings
FoxSports NBA Power Rankings
Yahoo! Sports NBA Weekly Power Rankings

And, yet … there are still divergent opinions about Houston’s long term prospects for

i) making the playoffs this season (in the ultra difficult Western Conference);
ii) going beyond the 1st Round of the Playoffs; and, eventually,
iii) winning a 3rd NBA championship.

Rocket’s Moneyball approach paying dividends (Mar. 13)

Kenny Smith – the Rocket’s prospects without Yao (Mar. 6)

Q1. What’s ahead for the Rocket’s version of NBA Moneyball?

A1. The current edition of the Rockets are built to (i) withstand a season-ending injury to their dominating #1 Center, (ii) win their fair share of regular season games, and (iii) even put together an historic 21-game winning streak … but, unfortunately, just like the principles of “MoneyBall” tend to run out of steam, annually, in the MLB post-season tournament … so, too, will such a fate befall an outfit in the NBA that adheres to this ‘statistical-based’ methodology for constructing its team with designs on ‘going the distance’ in June.

As Moses Malone first alluded to, 25 years ago … it (only) takes, “4, 4, 4 and (today) 4” wins to capture the NBA championship … and, MoneyBall-based teams, not built along these lines to begin with, are simply not equipped to get the job done right in this type of “quadruple 7-game series” environment.

NBA championships are won by teams that can …

I) Rebound, Defend and play efficient Offensive basketball, in a balanced way; with,

II) either 2 or 3 super ‘star’ players who can both (a) create and (b) take advantage of the different mis-match situations that exist on the floor, due to their unique and complimentary skill sets.

Without Yao, this no longer applies to the Houston Rockets.

Just watch & see.

Moses 1 & 2, Gene and Shaq

March 12, 2008

‘Seismic Shifters’ in the universe …

1 Moses parts the Red Sea    2 Moses Malone    3 Gene Roddenberry & Crew 

and now …


… as the all-time great Creators of Space.