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Hawks finally turn the corner

August 9, 2008

Hawks Re-Sign Josh Smith!

As it stands right now, this Atlanta Hawks team …

2008-2009 Roster
Bibby, Mike G 6-1 190
Claxton, Speedy G 6-1 170
Evans, Maurice G-F 6-5 220
Horford, Al C-F 6-10 245
Johnson, Joe G 6-7 235
Jones, Solomon F 6-10
Law, Acie G 6-3 195
Morris, Randolph C 6-11 259
Pachulia, Zaza C 6-11
Richardson, Jeremy (FA) G-F 6-7 195
Smith, Josh (FA) F 6-9 235
Stoudamire, Salim (FA) G 6-1 175
West, Mario West (FA) G 6-5 210
Williams, Marvin F 6-9 230

with the solid acquisitions they’ve made this off-season … AND without over-paying for a mediocre NBA player like Josh Childress … is SOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN 2007-2008, it’s no comparison.

While some might not LIKE Rick Sund (new GM), the solid job he’s done, thus far, is a MATTER OF FACT.

If the Hawks can stay healthy this season … they will be a legitimate Playoff Contender for a second consecutive year, in a much improved the Eastern Conference.


A winning line-up for the Raptors vs the Magic

April 22, 2008

During Sunday’s Lakers v Nuggets Game 1, Jeff Van Gundy (NBA Analyst) made an insightful comment – one of many he makes, per game – about the value of a coach’s ‘words’ alone toward the performance of his team, vs what their habits are, on a daily basis …

“(as a coach) You cannot influence a team with your words, at halftime or in the pre-game talk … they are going to do what they do.” – JVG

… which is exactly what I thought of while evaluating the Boxscore from Toronto/Orlando Game 1 … where the the Rebounding numbers were, as follows:

Toronto 35 (Individual) + 11 (Team) = 46
Orlando 42 (Individual) + 6 (Team) = 48

meaning that the Raptors and the Magic both performed pretty much as expected when these two teams are matched-up against one another, since during the Regular Season …

Orlando (+0.31) finished 16th in ‘Rebounding Differential’; while,
Toronto (-1.54) finished 22nd.

For Toronto to effect some type of fundamental change to the ‘Rebounding Differential’ numbers in Game 2 … they will need to address their Individual Player match-ups vs the key ‘board men’ for Orlando, who are D12 (22), Turkoglu (6), Bogans (5), Lewis (4), Evans (2) & Nelson (2) … for example, by going to a player rotation that I suggested on different web sites several weeks ago …

1/Calderon v Nelson
2/Moon v Bogans
3/Graham v Lewis
4/Humphries v Howard/Turk
5/Bosh v Turkoglu/D12

G/Parker v Dooling/Evans
F/Kapono/Delfino v Evans/Dooling
C/Nesterovic v Foyle

which is what a ‘Top Notch’ GM & Head Coach combination, like RC Buford & Gregg Popovich, would have done with the Raptors’ player personnel … several months ago … e.g. when TJ Ford was pulling his ’sulking’ I’ll-only-play-as-a-Starter-for-this-team B.S.

Unless you can ‘think the Individual Player match-up game’ like a ‘Top Notch’ NBA head coach, it’s very difficult to truly understand what THE DIFFERENCE is between ‘the Winners’ & ‘the Losers’ in this League, in the games that have a lot of meaning … i.e. versus Plus .500 Teams.

Enjoy Game 2 this evening! … which Orlando will probably win to go up 2-0 in this 1st Round series.