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Hakuna Matata … in South Beach

September 25, 2008

Two very positive and productive comments, from an article yesterday, on the present situation, going forward¬†for the Miami Heat …


Beasley, Chalmers put rookie symposium experience behind them
“I’m not worried about it,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade told The Associated Press. “I think it could carry over, but from being around them the last few nights, I can see that they’re not going to be a problem. Mario knows he has an opportunity to compete for a starting spot. Beasley knows the same thing. They have an unbelievable opportunity in this league, and they need to understand the culture of the Heat and how we do things. They didn’t have that this summer.” [on what it means to be a member of the Heat]


“I would say that’s where my immaturity played a factor,” Beasley said. “I’m 19, so I kind of tried to be a kid and get away with it. … But it was kind of eating away at me, just to watch my teammate go through so much and be basically hiding behind the lights. I just felt it was the right thing for my team, and just to stand by my teammate.” [on what it means to be 19, with a lot to learn]


Baby steps, gentlemen¬†… baby steps.

It’s important to be able to put your past behind you … with the full support of your friends and family.