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Raptors vs Nuggets … post mortem

March 24, 2008

* 3FG% … TOR 33.3, Den 50.0
* FGM … TOR 8, Den 11
* FTM … TOR 10, Den 20
* Turnovers … TOR 11, Den 7
* Steals … TOR 3, Den 7


(in the 2:36 of the 4thQ, when the game was decided)

– Regular Time-out (Denver) … after Anthony Parker’s 3-pt shot gave Toronto a 2-pt lead (98-96)

Den: Anthony Parker fouls Allen Iverson (driving to the basket) who makes 2 FT’s (TOR 98, Den 98)

Right ‘Elbow Pick’ Series (Jose Calderon & Chris Bosh); Ball Reversal; Block-to-block cut by Bosh; Left Post Isolation for Bosh (vs Kenyon Martin); Post Entry Pass (Parker to Bosh); ‘Hold & Drive’ Middle (Bosh vs Martin); Help by Carmelo Anthony (checking Jamario Moon, at the Top of the Key); Bosh kicks to Moon; Moon, 3-pt Jump Shot (6 secs on the Shot Clock): Missed; Defensive Rebound (Marcus Camby)

Left ‘Wing Pick’ Series (JR Smith on Iverson); Iverson drives baseline (vs Calderon, who switched with Parker), and is met by Bosh’s help (off of Martin); Iverson kicks (tough Skip Pass) to Anthony, isolated on the Right Wing (vs Moon); Catch, Jab right, 1 Dribble Left, Pick-up, Shot Fake, Steps Into the Defender and gets fouled (Moon); Anthony makes 2 FT’s (TOR 98, Den 100) 

Right Side High Dummy ‘2-Man Game’ (Calderon & Bosh); Left Side ‘Slice’ Series (i.e. Moon curls over Bosh’s FT Line screen, Option 1); Parker curls over the double Big staggered screen (Nesterovic, Left Block; Bosh Left Elbow), Option 2; Calderon passes to Bosh (Left ‘Wing Isolation’ vs Martin), Option 3; Bosh drives left baseline (vs Martin) and is met by Camby’s help (off of Nesterovic … who forgot to cut high to the Left Elbow, clearing a baseline path to the hoop for Bosh); ‘Wrap Around’ Steal by Martin (who made a TERRIFIC DEFENSE PLAY!); Turnover by Bosh

Left Wing/Post ‘2-Man Game’ (Iverson & Anthony vs Parker & Moon); ‘Ball Reversal’ Pass (to Camby); Return Pass to Iverson; Left ‘Wing Isolation’ (Anthony vs Moon); Wing Entry Pass (Iverson to Anthony); Anthony, Jabs Right, 1 Dribble Left, Picks Up, Elevates for a Jump Shot, is met by Moon (in the air, TERRIFIC DEFENSIVE PLAY by Moon), kicks to the Top of The Key to Iverson (who was left alone by Parker, sinking off to help vs Anthony’s ‘Wing Isolation’); Great Screen by Camby vs Parker (who was trapped below the FT Line); Iverson, ‘Catch & Shoot’ 3-pt shot (TOR 98, Den 103) 

Regular Time-out (1:17) … Kapono subs in for Nesterovic … ‘Screen the Screener’ Series for Kapono (coming to the Top of The Key), Option 1; Parker cuts to the Right Corner for the ‘Strong Side Triangle’ Series; Wing Entry Pass (by Calderon) to Parker; Right ‘Wing/Corner Middle Pick’ Series (‘2-Man Game’ with Parker & Bosh, Calderon spotting up at the Top of The Key); Parker drives Middle as Bosh rolls to the basket, vs Martin’s ‘Show & Recover’ D; Parker Elevates to shoot, then decides to pass to Bosh (who is covered well by Martin), and then kicks out to Calderon at the Top of the Key; Right Wing Entry Pass (Calderon return pass to Parker); Post Entry Pass Attempt (Parker to Bosh); Steal by Martin (who made his 2nd TERRIFIC DEFENSIVE PLAY of this specific sequence) 

Martin drives to the basket and gets fouled (Calderon, ‘Clear Path Foul’ … an horrendous call by experienced official Monty McCutcheon) … 2 FT’s and the ball; Martin makes both shots (TOR 98, Den 105) … 1:07

High Left ‘Wing 2-Man Game/Pick’ Series (Iverson & Anthony vs Parker & Moon); Parker & Moon ‘trap’ vs Iverson (on the dribble to the Left Corner); Iverson passes back out to Anthony (in the high Left position vs Moon, who recovered out from the ‘trap’); ‘High Middle Pick’ Series (Anthony & Martin vs Moon & Bosh); Anthony drives Middle and has his Jump Shot blocked (Moon, with a TERRIFIC DEFENSIVE PLAY)

Break away dunk by Moon (TOR 100, Den 105) … 44.7 

 Anthony makes a Left Elbow Jump Shot vs Toronto’s ‘Early Double-team’ Zone D (TOR 100, Den 107) … 21.1

20-Second Time-out … Top of The Key Isolation (Bosh vs Martin; Bosh ‘Drives & Kicks’ to Parker (left Corner); Parker 3-pt Shot: Missed; Defensive Rebound (Camby/Iverson)

Iverson gets fouled (Calderon) and makes 2 FT’s (TOR 100, Den 109)
TOR: Moon, 3-pt shot: Missed

Kenyon Martin was the Player of The Game … with his defense against Bosh  You win games with ‘stops’ more than you make shots … I think our defense won the game for us.” – George Karl (Head Coach, Denver Nuggets)

Next Game: vs Detroit, 49-20 (Wed Mar 26)