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Boston Celtics, NBA Champions (2007-2008)

June 18, 2008

Basketball is a game played in three distinct phases:

* Offense
* Defense
* Rebounding

What it takes to win the NBA Championship [Dec 12, 2007]

Teams which combine these three phases of the game, in the most well-balanced way, succeed … on and off the court.

Quality Rating (QR) is a simple measure which combines the:

* Points Scored Differential Ranking (PSDR)
* Points Allowed Ranking (PAR)
* Rebounding Differential Ranking (RDR)

to produce a Quality Index Ranking for each of the 16 teams which eventually make the playoffs in the NBA.

Legitimate Contenders in the NBA, Part I [Dec 18, 2007]

Since the early part of the 2007-2008 regular season schedule, the Celtics established themselves as THE dominant team in the League; at one juncture, ranking #1 in all three measures (i.e. PSDR, PAR & RDR) and with a QR of 3 …

Legitimate Contenders in the NBA: Part V [Apr 18, 2008]

which, fundamentally, did not change throughout the balance of the season.

Most NBA observers fail to understand the value of Rebounding & Defense at the highest level of competition.

Most NBA observers fail to understand the value of Individual Match-ups & Mis-matches in determining Winners & Losers within a specific game.

Most NBA observers fail to understand the value of a Core Covenant built upon Rebounding, Defense, Individual Match-ups and the concepts of Shared (Unselfish) Offense, Teamwork and Ubuntu!

Red Auerbach understood these things.
Bill Russell understands these things.

So, now, does Danny Ainge …
and Doc Rivers,
and Thom Thibodeau, Armond Hill, Kevin Eastman & Clifford Ray,
and Bryan Doo, Walter Norton & Ed Lacerte,
and Paul Pierce, Ray Allen & Kevin Garnett,
and Kendrick Perkins & Rajon Rondo,
and James Posey, Eddie House & Scott Pollard,
and Tony Allen, Leon Powe & Brian Scalabrine,
and Glen Davis & Gabe Pruitt,
and PJ Brown & Sam Cassell.

As did Grady Rivers.

Kudos to the Men in Green … on a job supremely well done, from worst to first!


When things get bad … lean in

June 17, 2008

Doc Rivers’ Post-Game Presser following the Celtics stunning Game 4 comeback, on the road, encompasses everything these Boston Celtics stand for … and represents what they hope to achieve with a Game 6 victory this evening … i.e. the 17th World Championship in the history of their franchise.

What the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics Are All About

(watch the vid clip through to the end)

Enjoy this evening’s Game 6!

P.S. Sincere apologies to the regular readers for not being to keep up to-date with the goings-on in the world of sports since last week. Unfortunately, everybody has to go on the DL from time-to-time and these last few days have been my time there. Not to worry though, all should be back to normal soon.

NBA Finals – Game 4 Recap: Do you believe?

June 13, 2008

Game 4 Info – LAL 91, Bos 97

At the start of last night’s 4th quarter, ABC’s broadcast showed what Doc Rivers had said to his team at earlier points during the game:

Doc #1 (standing, to team in huddle): We got to compete if we want to win … we can’t pout and mope … we got to compete … alright, let’s go!

Doc #2 (sitting, to team while looking at Eddie House): Do you believe? Alright, let’s go.

Doc #3 (standing, to Kevin Garnett, as he subbed out): Never stop believing, baby.


As the 2nd half developed and the Celtics gradually clawed their way back into the game, after being down by 21 points at the end of the 1st quarter (an historic deficit for a NBA Finals game) and 24 points during the 2nd frame … you just knew that you were witnessing an all-time classic which was destined to be talked about forever and a day by those who follow the NBA.

From the perspective of this corner … and, given what’s been written here since the Celtics/Lakers match-up was determined … there is only one word that NEEDS to be said, with Boston now leading 3-1.


The Man at Crunch Time

December 20, 2007

The passion and day-to-day attitude  of this young man is outstanding …

but there’s a good reason his teams have yet to reach the NBA Finals.

In the final 2 minutes of the Celtics’ home defeat last night, versus the Detroit Pistons … Kevin Garnett, the early leader in this year’s race for the league MVP Award, touched the ball on several different occasions – with Boston down by 6 points or less – and never ever looked to score himself.

Despite his 26 points (9-15 FG’s, 8-10 FT’s) and 12 rebounds, during 39:56 of playing time … the incomparable Big Ticket, in general, does not want to shoot the ball himself (from the floor) with the game on the line.

Last night, Boston’s final 6 shot attempts were … 


02:06 Kendrick Perkins’ missed 2 (blocked by Rasheed Wallace)
01:37 Paul Pierce’s missed 2 (defended by Rasheed Wallace)
01:05 Eddie House’s missed 3
01:01 Eddie House’s made 3
00:18 Ray Allen’s made 3, and
00:02 Paul Pierce’s missed 2

When your team’s best player … its HEART & SOUL … leading scorer, rebounder, and interior defender, is also someone who doesn’t trust himself to make Big Shot after Big Shot, coming down-the-stretch of a close playoff (type) game … then you’re going to have a problem advancing to the NBA Finals.

Thus far, when the Celtics have really been challenged this year … it’s only been Ray Allen who has stepped up and hit a game Changing/Winning shot at Toronto … not a good sign for KG and his legion of supporters.