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Wade or Bosh … Which one would you choose?

November 20, 2008

Inspired from a specific comment [#29], at

Please feel free to supply your own rationale for your choice in the comments section of this blog.


Taking on all comers

September 25, 2008

Reading this specific blog entry … precipitated the following thought:

If you could construct your ideal 12-man team of current NBA players, who would you select?


Hmmmmmmm …

From that many possibilities, there would be some exceptionally difficult choices to make … and a lot of supremely talented and valuable players left out in the cold.

Regardless … according to these eyes,

these are the Dirtiest Dozen, in the NBA today:

[listed by position & role]

PG – Lebron James … far and away his best and most natural position
G/F – Dwyane Wade … the best, taking it to the rack, in the half-court
G/F – Kobe Bryant … Samarai Warrior
PF – Kevin Garnett … Rebounding & Energy are thy true names
C – Greg Oden [my, oh, my] … that’s right, before he’s played a game 

Key Bench Subs
PG – Deron Williams … well-balanced in every respect
G/F – Manu Ginobili … the best 6th Man in existence
PF/C – Tim Duncan … the best combo Big in existence

PG – Steve Nash … still the best facilitaor in the business, bar none
G/F – Tracy McGrady … multi-purpose player
PF/C – Amare Stoudemire … multi-purpose player
PF/C – Rasheed Wallace … multi-purpose player

Coach – Philip Patrick Jackson Riley … ‘The Sacred Winner Hoops Within’

“Train them … Excite them … and, Turn them Loose … “


There you go!

Now … Which 12 players would you choose for your team?

[PLEASE NOTE: Who you choose, in what positions & roles, and who you leave out, says a lot about your unique vision of the game.]

Hakuna Matata … in South Beach

September 25, 2008

Two very positive and productive comments, from an article yesterday, on the present situation, going forward for the Miami Heat …


Beasley, Chalmers put rookie symposium experience behind them
“I’m not worried about it,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade told The Associated Press. “I think it could carry over, but from being around them the last few nights, I can see that they’re not going to be a problem. Mario knows he has an opportunity to compete for a starting spot. Beasley knows the same thing. They have an unbelievable opportunity in this league, and they need to understand the culture of the Heat and how we do things. They didn’t have that this summer.” [on what it means to be a member of the Heat]


“I would say that’s where my immaturity played a factor,” Beasley said. “I’m 19, so I kind of tried to be a kid and get away with it. … But it was kind of eating away at me, just to watch my teammate go through so much and be basically hiding behind the lights. I just felt it was the right thing for my team, and just to stand by my teammate.” [on what it means to be 19, with a lot to learn]


Baby steps, gentlemen … baby steps.

It’s important to be able to put your past behind you … with the full support of your friends and family.

After the Gold: First-class comments from Team USA

August 24, 2008

Straight from the horses’ mouths …

Post-game comments from members of Team USA

Click the link ^ … and read each one.

What it means to be a TEAM.

Hoops 101

August 24, 2008

This corner hates to say, “You were told what was going to happen”, in advance, but …

* USA vs Spain for Olympic Gold
* Upside and Motor: Team USA Blogger Roundtable

The USA will NEED to send its VERY best players in order to win Gold Medals in Olympic Games’ men’s basketball.

If not … the rest of the the world is quickly becoming good ‘enough’ to capture Gold or Silver should the USA slip up.

Top flight basketball … like soccer/football … is now truly an international game … with good players and coaches scattered everywhere around the globe. -)

Kudos to …

* Ricky Rubio, Rudy Fernandez, Mark Gasol, Pau Gasol, Juan Carlos Navarro, Carlos Jimenez, Felipe Reyes, Jorge Garbajosa, Berni Rodrigues, Raul Lopez, Alex Mumbru, Jose Calderon (injured), their coaches & support staff

* Kobe Bryant, Leron James, Dwyane Wade, Deron Williams, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Jason Kidd, Tayshaun Prince, Carlos Boozer, Michael Redd, their coaches and support staff …

Box Score & Game Summary

for giving such a good account of yourselves.

That, right there … ^^^ … my friends … was first-class basketball.

USA vs Spain for Olympic Gold

August 23, 2008

19 days ago, this corner told you what was most likely going to happen in the 2008 Olympic Games’ men’s basketball tournament …

Upside and Motor: Team USA blogger roundtable [August 4, 2008]

It might not be pretty tomorrow during the final, from a USA perspective, but the ‘Stars & Stripes’ is going to win the Gold Medal.

Q1. What was wrong with USA Basketball in 2002, 2004 & 2006?

A1. Nothing which could not be fixed by the likes of Kobe Bryant & Jason Kidd.

NOTE: This corner’s favourite moment, thus far, in this Olympic tournament was the two-armed shiver delivered by Jason Kidd … to Carmelo Anthony when the latter was about to lose his head and physically combat an Argentinian player [Luis Scola?] in the heat of battle, in response to a hard foul which had been made on Dwight Howard, early in the 2nd half of yesterday’s semi-final with the defending champs still within strking distance. In effect, it said: “Smarten up kid, we have a Gold Medal to Win!” When a team gets on-court leadership like that … it is going to win the Gold Medal, if it also has (i) THE BEST PLAYER on the planet (i.e. Kobe Bean Bryant), (ii) the 2nd best player on the planet (i.e. Lebron James), and (iii) the 3rd best player on the planet (i.e. D-Wade), when healthy … not named Tim Duncan. American basketball was never ‘deficient’. Their very best players, weren’t playing in combination with one another.

Turning up the Heat in Miami

February 7, 2008

In the aftermath of trading Shaquille O’Neal, for Shawn Marion & Marcus Banks, these are daunting numbers for Miami … 


#15, last place, in the Eastern Conference (EC)

10 games back of the 8th, and final, playoff spot

#27 (last in the EC) in Rebound Differential (-3.23) … a vital statistic, in the NBA, which Determines Winners from Losers …

#30 (last in the NBA) in Scoring Differential (-7.63).

Q1. Where does the Heat go from here?

A1. Straight up … with a bullet … in the Eastern Conference standings.

Fact #1. At 36 years of age, The Diesel simply cannotDefend, Rebound and/or Finish around the basket, at a very high level, any more … with a +15.84 Efficiency Rating this year (Career Averages). 

Fact #2. At 30 years of age, The Matrix is still a Rebounding, Defending, scoring machine, who is performing at or above his Career Averages this season … with a +23.74 Efficiency Rating.

Adding Marion & Banks to the Heat’s current line-up, thusly:

PG – Jason Williams (6-1, 180)
OG – Dwyane Wade (6-4, 216)
SF – Shawn Marion (6-7, 230)
PF – Udonis Haslem (6-8, 235)
C – Mark Blount (7-0, 250)

Bench Players
G – Marcus Banks (6-2, 212)
G – Daquan Cook (6-5, 205)
G/F – Ricky Davis (6-7, 205)
F – Dorell Wright (6-9, 210)
PF – Alexander Johnson (6-10, 230)
C – Earl Barron (7-10, 245)

PG – Chris Quinn (6-2, 175)
PG – Smush Parker (6-4, 190)
C – Joel Anthony (6-9, 245)

instantaneously makes Miami into:

i) A better Rebounding team;

ii) A better Defensive team, especially in the half-court, with a plethora of athletic, good-sized guards, forwards and centers; and,

iii) A better Offensive team, capable of playing an up-tempo game by scoring often in transition, in bunches, from high percentage shots. 

Q2. Did the transaction help the Suns solidify their status as one of several “contending” teams in the Western Conference?

A2. Definitely.


Q3. Did it help the Heat regain a measure of respectibility this season (short term), and heading to the future (long term)?

A3. Without a doubt!

With a re-energized Pat Riley, two viable scoring options, D-Wade & S-Marion (plus, an outstanding defender) … if the Heat can return U-Haslem to full health

Do not be at all surprised to see Miami challenge for the 8th (and final) Playoff spot, in the EC, before the end of this season.