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What it’s all about …

December 19, 2008

Those who are able to watch this video clip and then try to blame the Captain of the Toronto Raptors for the current state of affairs with this team simply indicate their own lack of basketball acumen and sophistication: 

Although this young man can definitely score the ball, in this League, he is not a Prime Time scorer, per se.

What he is, at 24 years of age, in his 5th NBA season, is wise beyond his years, and made of championship material.

1. Find him the right teammates to play beside … like Jose Calderon, for example;

2. Use him at his best position, which is CENTER;

3. Make him focus on his individual strengths, as a person and a player … which include his intelligence, his imagination, his curiousity, his sense of team, his Rebounding, his off-the-ball Defense, his Shot-blocking, his transition game, his quickness and his agility;

4. Help him to better understand his place within the history of the game, and where it is he fits today within the panoramic landscape of Big Men … like Russell, Reed, Cowens, Hayes, Walton, Sikma, Abdul-Jabbar, Moses, Parrish, Laimbeer, Olajuwon, Robinson and Duncan … each one an unique center-piece for a championship team;

and what you will end up with is an extended run in the upper echelon of the NBA … if you really do know what you’re doing, in terms of building a TOP NOTCH organization, from the gound floor up, in the world’s best professional basketball league.

Fail to heed these words, however … and, instead, ask/demand/expect of him to be something which he is not … and it will simply be Just Another Lost Opportunity for the Toronto Raptors Basketball Club.

Players like this … with this sort of ability, stability and strength of character … only come around every so often Where Amazing Happens!


Cirlces of life go round and round and round ..

May 15, 2008

Yes, the Spurs are still THE pick in this series, down 2-3, heading towards this evening’s Game 6 … but reading a nice piece like this one:

Courtesy of Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo! Sports …

Driven West, Hornets show staying power
In the game of his life, with the Hornets moving within a victory of the NBA’s Final Four, [David] West has made himself a worthy heir to the Spurs dynasty. Three months ago, David Robinson, who started it all for the Spurs, told a young All-Star to think big this season, to dream beyond his wildest dreams.

about a young man like David West (NCAA D1, 2003 National Player of The Year) makes it just that much easier to entertain the (slight?) possibility that, just perhaps, this corner’s initial assessment might still turn out to be … something less than correct.

That said, however … one SHOULD also

Never under-estimate the heart of a champion.” – Rudy Tomjonovich

especially with his back against the wall … and the ‘Torches of Transfer’ being lit, in advance.

Yessirree, Robinson … to Duncan … to West … might have a nice circular ring to it and, in fact, might well happen sometime in the not-too-distant future … but the betting from, at least, this corner is that … it ain’t gonna be tonight.