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Paul Pierce … best defensive player in the NBA

October 7, 2008

Was just watching and saw a live Celtics’ practice with a series of informative interviews by different team personnel.

In his segment with Cedric Maxwell & Rick Kamla … Celtics’ GM, Danny Ainge, just made a statement which would, IMO, simply astound the vast majority of NBA aficionados who are active on the internet but … in reality … have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER re: the intricacies of the NBA game, when it comes to assessing correctly who can really play at what position effectively [and in what specific way] in the world’s best basketball league.

Here it is for you to consider for yourself:


“According to some defensive stuff [i.e. internal Boston Celtics’ coaching staff statistics which are not available for public consumption] we keep track of … Paul Pierce was the best defensive player in the League last year.”Danny Ainge


Now … if this corner was to ever suggest that Danny Ainge’s statement was, in fact, even remotely close to being ‘the Truth’ … it would incur the wrath of an assortment of rabid Raptors fans who get heated when they read what’s written by yours truly, from time to time, but who really don’t know what to look for when they’re watching a NBA game and assessing the skills of NBA players, Offensively, Defensively & in terms of Rebounding.

In general, the type of stats you’ll find on popular sites like are a waste of time, when it comes to understanding properly how things work in the NBA.


Boston Celtics, NBA Champions (2007-2008)

June 18, 2008

Basketball is a game played in three distinct phases:

* Offense
* Defense
* Rebounding

What it takes to win the NBA Championship [Dec 12, 2007]

Teams which combine these three phases of the game, in the most well-balanced way, succeed … on and off the court.

Quality Rating (QR) is a simple measure which combines the:

* Points Scored Differential Ranking (PSDR)
* Points Allowed Ranking (PAR)
* Rebounding Differential Ranking (RDR)

to produce a Quality Index Ranking for each of the 16 teams which eventually make the playoffs in the NBA.

Legitimate Contenders in the NBA, Part I [Dec 18, 2007]

Since the early part of the 2007-2008 regular season schedule, the Celtics established themselves as THE dominant team in the League; at one juncture, ranking #1 in all three measures (i.e. PSDR, PAR & RDR) and with a QR of 3 …

Legitimate Contenders in the NBA: Part V [Apr 18, 2008]

which, fundamentally, did not change throughout the balance of the season.

Most NBA observers fail to understand the value of Rebounding & Defense at the highest level of competition.

Most NBA observers fail to understand the value of Individual Match-ups & Mis-matches in determining Winners & Losers within a specific game.

Most NBA observers fail to understand the value of a Core Covenant built upon Rebounding, Defense, Individual Match-ups and the concepts of Shared (Unselfish) Offense, Teamwork and Ubuntu!

Red Auerbach understood these things.
Bill Russell understands these things.

So, now, does Danny Ainge …
and Doc Rivers,
and Thom Thibodeau, Armond Hill, Kevin Eastman & Clifford Ray,
and Bryan Doo, Walter Norton & Ed Lacerte,
and Paul Pierce, Ray Allen & Kevin Garnett,
and Kendrick Perkins & Rajon Rondo,
and James Posey, Eddie House & Scott Pollard,
and Tony Allen, Leon Powe & Brian Scalabrine,
and Glen Davis & Gabe Pruitt,
and PJ Brown & Sam Cassell.

As did Grady Rivers.

Kudos to the Men in Green … on a job supremely well done, from worst to first!

The Zeitgeist is with the Celtics

June 4, 2008

Pronunciation: \ˈtsīt-ˌgīst, ˈzīt-\
Function: noun
Usage: often capitalized
Etymology: German, from Zeit + Geist spirit
Date: 1835

: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era


A comprehensive assessment of both teams in the NBA Finals indicates that there are a number of important factors in favour of the Celtics …

* Rebounding Differential (BOS/+3.1; LAL/+1.3)
* 9 of the last 12 NBA titles (75.0%) have been won by the team with a superior Rebounding Differential; and 19 of the last 28 (67.9%) 
* Offensive Rebounds Allowed (BOS/11.0; LAL/12.1)
* Home court
* Absence of Andrew Bynum & limited contribution of Trevor Ariza
* Overall depth at the 4 & 5 positions
* 3 proven scorers (Pierce, Garnett & Allen) vs 2 (Kobe & Gasol)
* Interior Defense (with the Lakers missing Bynum’s shot-blocking)
* NEXT YEAR is the Lakers’ SEASON OF DESTINY, as a team, not this one (which has always been about Kobe Bryant’s MVP and getting the Lakers pointed in the right direction, once again)
* THIS YEAR has always been about CELTIC PRIDE and the inter-connectedness of …

Danny Ainge & Red Auerbach & Bill Russell & Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce & Ray Allen & Leon Powe & Doc Rivers and …

Ubuntu: I am what I am because of who we all are.

No Rebounds, No Rings.” – Pat Riley

WE not Me … Basketball is a Brotherhood.

PLEASE NOTE: The Celtics (66-16, .805) finished 9 games ahead of the Lakers (57-25, .695), have home court advantage, and are +170 (moneyline) to win this series. There will never be a better opportunity to Capitalize on an ‘incorrect’ line.

Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc …

April 11, 2008

Colangelo waiting it out
As the Raptors lurch toward the post-season, Bryan Colangelo tempers his disappointment with the knowledge that the season isn’t yet complete.

“We have arguably a more talented team than last year, we have arguably under-utilized some of that talent to some extent this year at various points throughout the year,” the team’s president and general manager said yesterday.


Ominous words to hear for the Raptors’ head coach, Sam Mitchell, heading towards the post-season … given Bryan Colangelo’s track record of handling head coaches for the Phoenix Suns …




11th yr


Mike D’Antoni (62-20)

10th yr


Frank Johnson (8-13); replaced by Mike D’Antoni (21-40), Change #5

9th yr


Frank Johnson (44-38 )

8th yr


Scott Skiles (25-26); replaced by Frank Johnson (11-20), Change #4

7th yr


Scott Skiles (51-31)

6th yr


Danny Ainge (13-7); replaced by Scott Skiles (40-22), Change #3

5th yr


Danny Ainge (27-23)

4th yr


Danny Ainge (56-26)

3rd yr


Cotton Fitzsimmons (0-8); replaced by Danny Ainge (40-34), Change #2

2nd yr


Paul Westphal (14-19); replaced by Cotton Fitzsimmons (27-22), Change #1

1st yr


Paul Westphal (59-23)

When things didn’t quite go according to plan, in Phoenix, it was the head coach who was changed.

Cavaliers just went backwards

February 21, 2008

Q1. How do you take a team that went to the NBA Finals last year and, then, ensure it has zero (“0”) chance of returning to that same place this season? … despite having, maybe, the best player on the planet, i.e. Lebron (King) James, on your roster!

A1. You have a GM who temporarily loses his mind and deals away almost 50% of his team …

Danny Ferry Goes Certifiably Insane 

for a collection of uninspired cast-offs, misfits and spare parts, whose best days in the NBA are long gone (or never were in the first place).

Wow! … an absolutely classic case of subtraction through addition for the Cavaliers, with the sum of their parts no longer surpassing the value of their whole.

PS. Somewhere, right now, Danny Ainge & Joe Dumars are smiling ear-to-ear.