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Next One from Georgetown

October 14, 2008

As the NBA’s pre-season continues to move forward, it becomes increasingly interesting to evaluate some of the Draft Night transactions which involved young men who had yet to play a single game in the NBA and were deemed by certain GM’s to be valuable building blocks for their respective franchises, or not.

Such is the case for Roy Hibbert [C, 7-2, 278, 2008 NBA Draft, No. 17 (overall) Selection].


Hibbert shows he can score
Hibbert, the No. 17 pick in last summer’s draft, had his best offensive game of the preseason, scoring 17 points against the Grizzlies on Monday.Quantcast

“We really like Roy,” Pacers coach Jim O’Brien said. “He works his heart out. He knows how to put the ball in the basket around the basket. We couldn’t be happier with Roy right now.”

Hibbert came out of Georgetown labeled as being primarily a defensive player. Hibbert will help the Pacers defensively — he had three blocked shots against the Grizzlies — but he’ll also offer more. He had nine rebounds in 23 minutes.


Time will tell just how effective Roy Hibbert is eventually going to be, in the NBA … but if this corner’s assessment proves to be correct, he is destined to have a long and productive career, as a ‘Robert Parrish-esque’ player, i.e. no fuss-no muss, consistent on both ends of the floor, plays within himself at all times, Rock Solid Big … following in the grand tradition of Patrick Ewing, Dikembe Mutumbo, Alonzo Mourning and [to a far lesser extent] Othella Harrington.

Of further intrigue, at least, to this corner, is the fact that he was acquired on Draft Night by a GM like Larry Legend [of all people 🙂 ], as part of the Pacers’ trade with the Raptors … i.e. Jermaine O’Neal + the 2008 NBA Draft No. 41 (overall) Selection [Nathan Jawai], in exchange for TJ Ford [PG] + Rasho Nesterovic [PF/C] + Maceo Baston [PF].

5 years from today … it is going to be very interesting to assess where the Raptors have gone, in the interim, with the front-court players they have right now … i.e. Chris Bosh, O’Neal, Andrea Bargnani, Kris Humphries, Nathan Jawai & Jamal Sampson … in comparison with the Pacers [i.e. Rasho Nesterovic, Jeff Foster, Troy Murphy, Austin Croshere, Josh McRoberts, Maceo Baston & Roy Hibbert].

It says here … that Larry Bird has his Center for the next 10-15 years, and the Pacers are but one or two more moves away from returning to the EC playoffs on a consistent basis.


* A 2nd set of solid numbers for Roy Hibbert
Box Score: Pacers 100, Mavericks 93 [Wed Oct 15 2008].

Pacers and Raptors … moving forward from here

October 7, 2008

There’s an interesting interview with Larry Bird on today which gives his interpretation of the Pacers’ situation looking forward to this season and their future in the next few years ahead.

———————————– What do you see as the No. 1 area of improvement for the Pacers this season?
Larry Bird: Obviously we have to get better on the defensive end. Last year we committed too many fouls and we didn’t defend the three-point shot. So overall our defense has to get better to win games. Offensively, we’ll score a lot of points. Defense was the problem last year. As far as the team goes, I think we did something in the draft to help us overall, and I think we solidified our point guard position with
Travis [Diener],T.J., and Jarrett Jack so we’re very strong in that area right now. How big of an impact will rookie Roy Hibbert have on the defensive end in the role of shot blocker, overall defensive presence?
Larry Bird: It’s always good to have a big guy in there. Without Jermaine last year we didn’t have that potential to block shots. With Roy in there he takes up a lot of space and even if we don’t block a lot of shots, you can get guys to shoot up over him and maybe distract them a little bit. I think it’s going to be a major plus for us. Obviously he’s a rookie and he’s got a lot of learning to do, but in the long run he’ll be fine. Who is the team leader?
Larry Bird: I think it can be a couple guys. We’ve had some players around here just waiting for the opportunity to step in and I think now they’ll look at the training camp and go through and you’ll sort of see after a while who the players gravitate to.


What’s of most interest to this corner is:

(1) The possible location of two former Raptors on Indiana’s current depth chart, i.e. TJ Ford and Rasho Nesterovic; and,

(2) The overall level of optimism Larry Legend has for the likes of Mike Dunleavy, Danny Granger, Troy Murphy, Roy Hibbert, et al., as a core group of players which the Pacers can build around over the next few seasons …

specifically, in comparison with the current roster of the Pacers’ trading partner in the deal they made this summer for Jermaine O’Neal.





A) Raptors’ Current Roster

B) Pacers’ Current Roster



1 PG – Jose Calderon *

1 PG – Travis Diener *

2 OG – Anthony Parker

2 OG/SF – Mike Dunleavy 

3 SF – Jamarion Moon

3 SF – Danny Granger 

4 PF – Chris Bosh *

4 PF – Troy Murphy *

5 C – Jermaine O’Neal **

5 C – Rasho Nesterovic **



6 PG – Will Solomon **

6 PG – TJ Ford **

7 OG – Jason Kapono

7 OG – Brandon Rush **

8 SF – Joey Graham

8 SF – Marquis Daniels

9 PF – Kris Humphries

9 PF – Austin Croshere **

10 C – Andrea Bargnani

10 C – Jeff Foster 



11 PG/OG – Roko Ukic **

11 PG/OG – Jarrett Jack **

12 OG/SF – Hassan Adams **

12 PG – Roy Hibbert **





13 PF/C – Nathan Jawai **

13 SF – Stephen Graham

14 ? PF – Jamal Sampson **

14 SF/PF – Shawne Williams 

15 ?

15 PF – Josh McRoberts **

* New Role this season; ** New Player Added

While most of the ‘2008-2009 NBA Season Forecasts’ these eyes have read, thus far, see the Pacers finishing toward the bottom of the Eastern Conference; and, the Raptors with a solid chance to finish in the top third of the EC … looking strictly at the rosters of these two teams, paints a very different picture in the mind of this NBA connoisseur.

Is it possible that the Raptors manage to navigate the entire NBA season without a significant injury to one [or more] of their key players [i.e. Bosh, O’Neal or Calderon]?

Yes it is.

If so … then, it is certainly possible to see how the Raptors might finish this campaign higher in the EC standings than the Pacers.

However, on the flip side … even if Toronto goes injury-free this year …

Is it also possible to see how this Pacers’ roster … with the Quality Depth it has … might, in fact, be able to generate just as many W’s this season as the Toronto Raptors?

Yes it is … if Larry legend is correct and the players he’s mentioned are indeed capable of stepping up their games to assume Leadership Roles with their team this season.


From the perspective of this corner, these are just two of many teams in the EC that could realistically finish anywhere from #6-14 this season should the breaks go their way or not.

You make the call … on the Raptors’ roster

October 6, 2008

Which one of these two player rosters would you prefer to have, going forward from this point, if you were Jerry West and you were the GM for the Toronto Raptors?

[please read the question carefully]





A) Raptors’ Current Roster

B) khandor’s Raptors’ Roster



1 PG – Jose Calderon *

1 PG – Jose Calderon *

2 OG – Anthony Parker

2 OG/SF – Jamario Moon *

3 SF – Jamarion Moon

3 SF – Joey Graham *

4 PF – Chris Bosh *

4 PF – Kris Humphries *

5 C – Jermaine O’Neal **

5 C – Chris Bosh *



6 PG – Will Solomon **

6 PG/OG – Anthony Parker *

7 OG – Jason Kapono

7 OG/SF – Jason Kapono

8 SF – Joey Graham

8 PF – Andrea Bargnani

9 PF – Kris Humphries

9 C – Rasho Nesterovic

10 C – Andrea Bargnani




11 PG/OG – Roko Ukic **

10 OG/SF – Rodney Carney **

12 OG/SF – Hassan Adams **

11 PG – Roko Ukic **


12 PF/C – Austin Croshere **



13 PF/C – Nathan Jawai **

13 SF/OG/PG – Carlos Delfino

14 ? PF – Jamal Sampson **

14 PG/OG/SF – Julius Hodge **

15 ?

15 PF – Joey Dorsey or SF – CDR **


* New Role this season; ** New Player Added


1. Make a choice between A or B.
2. Provide your rationale, if possible.

Battle by the Bay

March 12, 2008

The Raptors play the 2nd half of a back-to-back at Golden State this evening.

Based on individual player/coach match-ups:









= = = = =
= = = = =
= = = = =
= = = = =








= = = = =
= = = = =



Harrington &






this might be THE game that Toronto can steal on its extended road-trip.

Jose Calderon is well-rested after only playing 20 minutes last night against the Lakers.

If he can use his size & strength to neutralize the natural advantages Baron Davis has when matched-up against many of the other PG’s in the league



Sam Mitchell actually uses Kris Humphries (for substantial minutes/25+) vs the combination of Harrington & Croshere

this could be a highly entertaining game that finishes with a final score closer than the current wagering line suggests … i.e. GSW -10.

If you’re watching live tonight ,,, keep your eye tuned to the Rebounding Differential, where the Warriors are 30th in the NBA; and, the Raptors are 22nd.

If Toronto wins the ‘Battle of the Boards’ so, too, can the Raptors win this game outright.


UPDATE(s): Also note that this is G-State’s 1st game @ home after returning from an East Coast road-trip of their own … which is frequently a situation that a ‘live underdog’ – like Toronto is tonight – can take advantage of.


08:22, 1st/Q … GSW 12, Tor 4 … it looks as though Calderon is going to be assigned to check Monta Ellis, not Baron Davis; which puts AP on the Warriors’ main man. This is Not the move the Raps should make in this type of match-up.