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Where the Lightning Bolt could be headed

September 13, 2008

Physicist subtracts showboating, says Bolt could have run 9.55 in Beijing 100

Uncharted territory
Uncharted territory

“We estimate that he could have finished the race in a time between 9.55 and 9.61,” Norwegian physicist Hans Eriksen said Friday in a telephone interview.

“We saw the final on television and then spent the whole weekend researching. It was fun. We’ve done more serious research work, but this one got far more attention.”

Eriksen, a physicist at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Oslo, said he got the idea to examine just how quick Bolt could have gone after hearing Bolt’s coach say the Jamaican could have run 9.52 seconds.


Yes, indeed …

to, quite possibly, Bolt-ly go where No Man has gone before


August 16, 2008

A scintillating performance by … The Fastest Man in Recorded History

Usain [Lightning] Bolt!


All-time favourite Olympic (summer) moments

August 5, 2008


Modern Olympic history is filled with outstanding performances.


These are four of the all-time best:


* Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World


Rafer Johnson and CK Yang, in the Decathalon’s 1500 m.


[at the 1:57 and the 3:21 marks


* Triumph Amidst Tragedy [Munich 1972]


The young man in the golf cap who came out of nowhere … Dave Wottle’s 800 m.


* Oh, Canada [Atlanta 1996]


Donovan Bailey’s 100 m.


[from the Canadian perspective]



[from the International perspective]




* One Giant Leap for Mankind [Mexico City 1968]


Robert Beaman’s

Long Jump into Sports Immortality.

[from the American perspective]



[from the International perspective]






What are your personal favourites?






June 2, 2008

The fastest 100 M race in recorded history …

run by … Usain (Lightning) Bolt.