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Tiger Woods’ greatest triumphs … yet

June 19, 2008

It is quickly becoming impossible to list all of his accomplishments to-date but, according to these eyes, these are now the two best performances put forth by Eldrick (Tiger) Woods on a golf course …

(1) As a 21 year old, in search of his 1st Major Championship, at the 1997 Masters Tournament …


(2) 11 years later, as a 32 year old, at the 2008 US Open, while playing with a left knee in need of major reconstructive surgery

You can decide for yourself which one you prefer.

What a splendid career … amongst the azeleas

April 10, 2008

… Nicklaus at the Masters.


What a round, what a player

April 10, 2008

Annually, the four days when Winter turns to Spring … and, We remember back to …

“Maybe … Yes, Sir!” – Verne Lundquist

Where 0-21 doesn’t (ever) matter

March 17, 2008

Listen to Johnny Miller’s dialogue … and, then, realize that …

in the History of Sport … there has never (ever) been another Man/Competitor … like Eldrick.