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Hornets say good riddance to Pargo

August 15, 2008

The exodus of borderline, 2nd tier NBA players continues … Pargo to play in Russia.

Unlike some in the blogosphere, who may have seen Jannero as a valuable 6th Man for last year’s upstart Hornets … e.g. Terrible News: Pargo Goes To Russia … this corner has a very different perspective on the two moves that Jeff Bower (GM) has made, thus far, this off-season: (i) Signing James Posey; and, (ii) Not re-signing Mr. Pargo.

With all due respect.

Jannero Pargo stinks, as a legit PG in NBA.

The Hornets are soooo much better off without him as their 6th man, it’s not funny.

James Posey [G-F] is a much more versatile/valuable basketball player … and the Hornets will be able to, either: (a) Go out and sign a far superior back-up to Chris Paul, at a more cost-friendly amount than what Pargo got to go to Europe … e.g. (ironically, former Hornet) Devin Brown comes to mind right away; or, (b) Use Mike James as their back-up PG.

Either case is a significant upgrade for the New Orleans Hornets.

Hopefully Mr. Pargo has a great time and enhances his basketball career in Russia … but, he will not be missed by his former team.

The answer for the Spurs

May 6, 2008

Q1. When was the last time you saw Manu Ginobili look & act like this?

A1. During the 2006 playoffs vs the Dallas Mavericks.


Unless Gregg Popovich & Co. finally figures out that the Bruce Bowen vs Chris Paul match-up is NOT the way San Antonio SHOULD be playing this series … and creates the Tony Parker vs Chris Paul match-up, instead … the Spurs are going to be in serious of jeopardy of not getting past the Hornets in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Going with the Bowen-B vs Paul match-up unnecessarily is the same sort of ‘poor’ coaching decision that cost the Spurs dearly 2 years ago in their series vs the Mavericks … where Pop insanely tried to ‘go small’ against Dallas rather than rely on San Antonio’s tried & true Inside Finesse & Power Game (in their customary 3 out/2 in Offensive Attack alignment).

Over the years, Gregg Popovich has shown a tendency to excel when he’s got the better of the two teams in a contentious series … but, as well, to NOT necessarily make the correct adjustments in a series when he finds himself facing an opponent with more basketball talent than the Spurs have at the moment across the board.

Secondly … IF the Spurs would only realize that this is the rotation which they need to be using this series vs the Hornets …

PG – Parker v Paul
OG – Barry v Peja
SF – Ginobili v Peterson
PF – Thomas v West
C – Duncan v Chandler

PG – Vaughn v Pargo
OG/SF – Bowen-B & Finley v Wells & Wright
PF/C – Oberto & Horry v Ely & Bowen-R

so that they can High-Low the Hornets to Death …

then San Antonio will still be able to get by New Orleans in either 6 or 7 games.

On the other hand, however, if Pop keeps overplaying Tony Parker and inserting Mr. Udoka into the game when he shouldn’t be (e.g. vs West or Peja or Wells) … the Spurs quest for back-to-back championships will be over quicker than you can say, Happy Chris Paul Blog Day.

Raptors vs Hornets … post mortem

March 30, 2008

Short & Sweet. 

Do not let the Final Score (Tor 111, NOH 118) of this game fool you.

At the 04:57 mark of the 3rdQ … the Hornets led by 24 pts … Tor 65, NOH 89. 

Q1. A Bell-weather game for the current version of the Raptors?

A1. You better believe it.

A Bell Toll for Mitchel-Angelo

March 30, 2008

Today’s match-up between the Raptors & the Hornets is yet another bell-weather game for Toronto.

After making two changes to their starting line-up – i.e. replacing Jose Calderon (PG) with TJ Ford & Andrea Bargnani (C) with Rasho Nesterovic – the Raptors have now won consecutive home games vs (Rip-less & Zip-less) Detroit and (Hap-less) New York.

This afternoon’s opponent, however, is a different matter entirely.

The Hornets come into this afternoon’s game:

1) With the best W-L record in the Western Conference;
2) Fresh off a sizable defeat at the hands of the Celtics;
3) In the midst of a crucial 6-game road-trip;
4) In a revenge situation vs Toronto (i.e. following the Raptors W earlier this season @ New Orleans);
5) In a heated battle with 5 other elite level teams in the WC for home-court advantage, through to the NBA Finals;
6) A legitimate (NBA) MVP candidate (Chris Paul, PG) at the helm of their team.

Take care of business in this game, against this calibre of opponent, playing with this sort of motivation, and it will quell the raising tide of dissent among the Raptors’ faithful which senses quite correctly that something is amiss, at the Core of this franchise, despite the silver-plated gains that have been made in the Eastern Conference standings since the installation of President/GM, Bryan Colangelo, 2 full years ago. 

Come up on the short side of the ledger, however … especially in the Paul vs Forderon match-up … and it will be yet  another indictment of the Raptors’ overall M.O. (headed up by Mitchel-Angelo) … which, with every day that passes, seems to be more-and-more Maple Leafs-like than ever before.

Win today … with this line-up of players, vs a top quality WC team … and move back to 3 games above .500.

Lose today, and …

the upcoming ‘tough’ games left on the schedule … i.e. @ Charlotte, @ Atlanta, @ New Jersey, @ Detroit and @ Chicago … become even more important than they are already, in determining the Raptors’ first-round playoff opponent … as this ship lists towards its second consecutive playoff appearance, and its 2nd consecutive exit from the post-season tournament in the 1st Round.