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Two for the road … straight to the Halls of Fame

December 17, 2008

This corner would simply like to echo the sentiments of Dave Perkins, one of Canada’s very best [long-standing] sports writers, regarding the majestic careers of …

A first ballot HoFamer

A first ballot HoFamer

Best of her generation

Best of her generation

Two class-act athletes step off

re: Sorenstam

“You might need to go back to Mickey Wright or Babe Didrikson Zaharias to find her match – and even then you might not. “

re: Maddux

“While win totals are far from the best way to evaluate starters, 355 is an awfully impressive number. Factor in his durability, ERA, baserunners-allowed stats – not to mention all those Gold Gloves – and he was at the top of his era’s class.”

Each was a Master craftsperson when it came to understanding, How Exactly The Game SHOULD be played … and it was a simple pleasure to watch them work their magic.