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Educating Greg Oden

March 27, 2008

According to David Thorpe’s assessment of this year’s rookie class in the NBA … 

Rookie Watch: Which veteran should Greg Oden study? … learning the low-post game from the fundamental master, Duncan, would go a long way towards getting Oden closer to being the offensive force he’s destined to become. Oden should also mix in some Amare Stoudemire tapes, reminding him that sometimes he can just dominate people with his physical talent.


In contrast, BlazersOG recommends a different mentor altogether, from a little further back-in-the-day, best-suited to provide the blend of offensive & defensive tutalege needed by the ‘Next Big One’ to develop into THE dominant player in the NBA today … 

Mr. Parrish, can I have a hall pass? For 21 seasons the Chief served as the prototype NBA big man who could be counted on to do everything well on all ends of the floor, night in and night out. What stands out about Parrish’s game is how versatile of an NBA center he was. All the usual weaknesses associated with centers were missing from Parrish.


While each of these NBA analysts has proferred a worthy choice for young Mr. Oden to learn from, neither hits the mark, exactly, in the eyes of this observer.

Instead, there is but one man, who has toiled in the League to-date, that the coming ‘Norse God’ should seek to pattern his game after … on and off the court.

Bill Russell was, and still is today, the Gold Standard against which all Centrifugal Force wannabees players MUST be measured to ascertain Greatness.

With the gifts (physical, mental & emotional) that have been bestowed on Master Oden  … to this point in his life … unlike any other Big Man of the last 30+ years … save, possibly, the star-crossed other (Blazer) Bill (Walton) … he has the make-up and the moxy to eventually walk, side-by-each, amongst the other Titans of the Game, i.e. Bill, Oscar, Wilt, the Logo, Kareem, Larry, Magic and Michael.

Greg … if you’re listening … seek out Mr. Russell … the only man alive today … who can truly show you THE WAY … to your destiny, in the NBA.