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Two for the road … straight to the Halls of Fame

December 17, 2008

This corner would simply like to echo the sentiments of Dave Perkins, one of Canada’s very best [long-standing] sports writers, regarding the majestic careers of …

A first ballot HoFamer

A first ballot HoFamer

Best of her generation

Best of her generation

Two class-act athletes step off

re: Sorenstam

“You might need to go back to Mickey Wright or Babe Didrikson Zaharias to find her match – and even then you might not. “

re: Maddux

“While win totals are far from the best way to evaluate starters, 355 is an awfully impressive number. Factor in his durability, ERA, baserunners-allowed stats – not to mention all those Gold Gloves – and he was at the top of his era’s class.”

Each was a Master craftsperson when it came to understanding, How Exactly The Game SHOULD be played … and it was a simple pleasure to watch them work their magic.

Rick Reilly’s debut for ESPN The Magazine

June 4, 2008

It never ceases to amaze how important Hurt is in the development of a human being and the role that Sport can play in that Life.


The Life of Reilly: Dad played golf and drank—a lot. But he taught me a lot too.
Golf was this green-and-blue launching pad for little white rockets. Golf taught me the lessons my dad never did, including the best one: You play life where it lies. You hit it there. You play it from there. Nobody threw you a nasty curve or forgot to block the defensive end. I learned that my mistakes were mine alone, not my boss’, not the cop’s and, as much as I hated to admit it, not my dad’s.


Bill Russell speaks with Kevin Garnett
I don’t think that you will encounter anyone happier than I am … it’s almost serious … but the first thing that I knew as a human being was that my mother and father loved me … and, that’s what you got to give your kids, okay? … and, in doing that, it will enhance your Life, so much … and that, that what you’re doing now is a piece of cake. – Bill Russell


What matters most in this world.

Prophesying greatness … in 1991

April 10, 2008

Every once in a while … ‘the Force’ gets it just right

Jack Nicklaus meets Tiger Woods
We asked Tiger to lead off the clinic portion of the day by hitting a few 3-iron shots on the practice tee. I was immediately impressed with his swing and natural ability and I asked him to hit shots: fade, draw, low, high. The composed teenager hit them all perfectly on command.

and the rest is (truly) magical.

What a splendid career … amongst the azeleas

April 10, 2008

… Nicklaus at the Masters.


What a round, what a player

April 10, 2008

Annually, the four days when Winter turns to Spring … and, We remember back to …

“Maybe … Yes, Sir!” – Verne Lundquist

Where 0-21 doesn’t (ever) matter

March 17, 2008

Listen to Johnny Miller’s dialogue … and, then, realize that …

in the History of Sport … there has never (ever) been another Man/Competitor … like Eldrick.