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Cavaliers: one step forward, one step back

August 14, 2008

Despite having the 2nd best basketball player in the world today on their roster, it’s as though the Management Team in Cleveland is still searching in the dark for a roadmap, detailing how to get their crew safely to the Land of Milk and Honey.

Cavaliers acquire Williams in three-team trade

It says in this corner that … the Cavaliers are no closer today to winning the NBA title, one day in the future, than they were yesterday, before this latest transaction occurred; or, than they were several months ago, when they last attempted (in vain) to upgrade the personnel on their team …

Cavaliers just went backwards

The immmediate take on the ramifications of this three-team trade?

Sam Presti & the ‘Oklahoma Whatsitsnames’ just improved their team, again.

NBA Playoffs 2nd Round Preview: Part III

May 6, 2008

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals



By the Numbers

QIR – #1 (6)
Points Differential Rank – #1
Points Allowed Rank – #2
Rebounding Differential Rank – #3

QIR – #8 (26)
Points Differential Rank – #16
Points Allowed Rank – #9
Rebounding Differential Rank – #1

Basketball Acumen

Still the team to beat in the East with home court advantage throught the playoffs. Team D must find a way to limit ‘the King of Akron’. Easier said than done. Key Match-up: Doc Rivers vs Mike Brown, especially, during the last 6 minutes of each game.

Good enough to win the series with LBJ at the helm. One of many Dwarfs will need to make 4 ‘big shots’ for Snow White to get to the EC Finals this year. Hard for Dwarfs to step up during Prime Time. Must assert their collective will to dominate the glass.

Who will win

Boston in 7. 


Raptors @ Cavaliers … post mortem

March 22, 2008

It’s not rocket science, but …

Toronto 83, Cleveland 90

get shellacked on the boards, 35-51, and your team doesn’t deserve to win an NBA game, against a quality opponent.

Until “Mitchellangelo” addresses this perpetual deficiency … the Raptors will forever be a ‘Fool’s Gold’ team … compared to Boston, LA Lakers, Detroit, San Antonio, etc.