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Rosen on the Raptors’ PG situation

March 22, 2008

* Charley Rosen’s Game Time (Mar/2208) summarizes (succinctly) Toronto’s double-headed Point Guard situation:

On the basis of this game, as well as the past several weeks, it’s clear that Toronto is much better off with Calderon getting the starter’s minutes. Even more so considering how easily Ford could re-injure his spine. Ford would, however, make an excellent backup, one whose speed and ability to stop-and-pop could provide a dramatic change of pace with the second unit.

[ATTENTION: For those who believe mistakenly that Ford is somehow a ‘better’ defender than Calderon … please read carefully the section titled, “Defense”.]

While fans, in general, can be quick to criticize Rosen for being too abrusive and not providing a comprehensive ‘statistical-based foundation’ for his acute analyses of the game, his precise observations almost always reflect the ‘critical eye of a former coach’ who chooses to write about basketball.

In this instance, once again, what ‘Charley says’,

… Ford must be traded and Calderon must be resigned for the Raptors to ever challenge the Pistons, Celtics, Magic and Cavs for supremacy in the East.

happens to be right on the money.