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Of scorpions, frogs, GMs & coaches

April 30, 2008

In the NBA, the words a GM uses to communicate with are important. 

Each chosen word has an unique meaning and contributes toward the creation of a specific context and a number of subtexts, as well.

When a GM makes the following statement,

Colangelo: Sam’s safe for now 
“Let’s suffice it to say, all things should be put to rest right now when I say that I have absolutely no intention to make a coaching change at this time,” Colangelo said after wrapping up an afternoon of exit interviews with the players.

Is there but one way to interpret its meaning?

Probably not.

When an NBA observer makes the following statement,

Two solitudes in Raptorland
Should Sam Mitchell want to keep his job as Raptors’ head coach his team best do two things between now and Advent (which begins annually the first week of December):

1) Get past the Magic in the 1st Round of the 2007-2008 Playoffs;

2) Be above the .500 mark in the first 20 games of the 2008-2009 regular season schedule;

Is there but one way to interpret its meaning?

Yes, there is.

Examining the data contained in this review …

Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc …

of the 5 coaching changes made by the Phoenix Suns between the ’94-95 and the ’04-05 seasons, you will see that none of these ‘replacement moves’ was made (i) at the end of the Regular Season, (ii) immediately after elimination from the Playoffs, or (iii) during the Off-Season.

If Sam Mitchell is ever going to be replaced as the Head Coach for the Toronto Raptors, under the watch of GM Bryan Colangelo, history indicates that such a move would most likely take place during the Regular Season … should their team be perceived to be under-achieving sometime after reaching the 20 games played mark.

For, as Jeff Van Gundy (NBA Analyst) observed astutely during the telecast of Sunday’s NBA Playoffs double-header on Sunday, April 27, 2008 when it comes to understanding the workings of Human Nature in this world:

“You are who you are.”

… illustrated precisely in the parable of The Scorpion and the Frog.

THE problem with the current Raptors

April 24, 2008

Let me ask you these two questions:

If you flipped TJ Ford for Steve Nash (let’s say in a fantasy world) … do you think the Suns would stand a snowball’s chance in h*ll of getting past the Spurs this year?

How about the Raptors vs the Magic?

If your answers to those two queries are a resounding,

No Way, Jose!


Like, for sure, dude!

then you’re beginning to see that the major problem with this team is that … unlike what happened in Phoenix when Colangelo, Jr. COMPLETELY LUCKED OUT that Steve Nash WANTED to return to the Suns when Mark Cuban cut him loose BECAUSE NASH’S WIFE & KIDS ALREADY LIVED IN THE PHOENIX AREA (not because BC is a top notch GM who knows what he’s doing) … THERE IS ONLY ONE STEVE NASH AND HE ISN’T PLAYING FOR THE RAPTORS, JUST YET.

Steve Nash is/was the architect of Phoenix’s rise from the ashes … which Bryan Colangelo orchestrated with their once-proud team … no one else.

Because Steve Nash wanted to live in Phoenix, he signed with the Suns when Cuban said, “Thanks but no thanks, Stevie boy, I don’t think you’ve got what it will take to Win a Championship for me with the Mavs, at the price you’re asking.” FULL STOP.

Because Steve Nash is the best ‘Pick & Roll/Pop’ PG in the History of the NBA (so sayeth an authority like Mark Jackson, during the Suns/Spurs Game 2 match-up) … when Colangelo fired Frank Johnson (who he had previously picked to run the Suns) and appointed Mike D’Antoni … IT WAS D’ANTONI WHO INSTALLED THE SUNS’ 4 OUT/1 IN OFFENSIVE SYSTEM, tailored specifically for Steve & Amare (who is the perfect under-sized but super athletic Center to run that system) and deserves 2nd billing on the Suns credit roll for their resurgence as a first-tier franchise in the NBA.

If not for Colangelo’s decision NOT to re-sign Joe Johnson … Phoenix might well have its 1st NBA title already.

Then … “when the going actually got tough” in Phoenix and daddy was out as the principal owner … that’s when the ‘Golden Boy’ decided to ‘Bolt the Ship’ and head for greener pastures … in mid-season 2006 (think about THAT for a second or two) … for the comfy ‘international’ confines in The Great White North, with free reign to call the shots AND a Big Ticket contract.

Want to know THE reason this version of the Raptors isn’t quite ‘tough enough’ to get the job done in the post-season?

When a fight breaks out (like it did in Phoenix) … what does a really tough ‘hombre’ decide to do … FIGHT or RUN?

(what did Colangelo, Jr. do in the Valley of the Sun?)

7 Seconds or Less … is the Coward’s way to play NBA hoops … and will never ever be rewarded with the championship.

The old Boston Celtics … with my MAN, Bill Russell at the CORE … and the ShowTime LAKESHOW … with my MAN, Earvin at the CORE … both shot it plenty quick enough to rack up devastatingly Big scoring numbers but neither operation would EVER have been referred to as TOO SOFT to get it done in the playoffs … cause their success was built upon a BALANCE between

OFFENSE … DEFENSE … and, most important of all … REBOUNDING,

not an “offensive philosophy of 100 shots per game”.

MLSE does not know what it’s doing AND should not be in the business of running ‘pro sports teams’ in Toronto … cause they KEEP HIRING THE WRONG PEOPLE to head up their basketball & hockey operations (e.g. see the current debacle with Anaheim’s GM, Brian Burke).

As the old Chinese Warlord could tell you from his personal experience … the strategy that works best when training an army of men … is decapitating the heads of the two most favoured concubines appointed to lead the masses in the first place.

(know who the concubines are in this case?)

It ain’t rocket science, to be sure … but, dem Chinese Warlords sure did know what they were doing … when it came to BUILDING & MAINTAINING their Dynasty.

Food For Thought … as always.


In Peace, Victory & Excellence.

THE problem at Bay Street & Lakeshore Blvd

April 7, 2008

The Leafs and the Raptors are owned & operated by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE).

Why the Leafs stink
God hates the blue and white — it’s that belief which binds together all those who call themselves citizens of Leafs Nation. On talk radio, in chat rooms, and in sports bars across the country (but mainly in southern Ontario) they share the misery of loving a team that does not give back. Not ever. Their bond is galvanized by the common struggle against forces beyond their control, and by the knowledge that they are hated (vehemently) by fans in Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and beyond. It’s that sense of grievance and isolation that, in the absence of anything real to celebrate, holds them all together.

The only problem with all this talk of curses is that there are perfectly logical reasons for the Leafs’ legacy of failure. The fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs are a bad hockey club is the inevitable by-product of the laws of economics. Their mediocrity is a design flaw, and it comes down to this: for any business to thrive, it must be obsessively focused on victory. Success must yield powerful benefits and failure must unleash harsh consequences. In the world’s greatest market for pro hockey, that cost/benefit equation doesn’t exist. A gusher of wealth, regardless of performance, has begat 40 years of infighting, a culture of laxity, and a refusal to admit the problem. The Leafs are a monopoly business that has been corrupted by its own market power.
It’s not a curse. It’s far, far worse.

Mandatory reading for each & every one of their fans … who owe it to themselves to digest the whole article.

Raptors @ Cavaliers … post mortem

March 22, 2008

It’s not rocket science, but …

Toronto 83, Cleveland 90

get shellacked on the boards, 35-51, and your team doesn’t deserve to win an NBA game, against a quality opponent.

Until “Mitchellangelo” addresses this perpetual deficiency … the Raptors will forever be a ‘Fool’s Gold’ team … compared to Boston, LA Lakers, Detroit, San Antonio, etc.

You Make The Call

March 18, 2008

Despite the fact Toronto (34-33) just went 0-5 on their Western Conference road-trip, including last night’s loss to Utah, Raptors’ fans are quick to make the statement that …

Bryan Colangelo is ‘the best’ GM in the NBA!

… and then cite as evidence for this claim the performance of the Phoenix Suns during his reign as their GM and the fact that he has been given the NBA’s Executive of the Year Award on 2 occasions.

What is rarely (if ever) listed, however … is the actual performance of those Suns’ teams during those 11 years, plus the finish of the team the year before he started in that specific job and the year following his departure … see below for further details:


YearRecordDiv Finish/PlayoffsNBA Exec of the Year/Team
’06-07 — 61-21/.744 — 1st/2nd Rd — Bryan Colangelo/Toronto Raptors

’05-06 — 54-28/.659 — 1st/3rd Rd * — Elgin Baylor/LA Clippers
’04-05 — 62-20/.756 — 1st/3rd Rd * — Bryan Colangelo/Phoenix Suns
’03-04 — 29-53/.354 — 6th/DNQ ** — Jerry West/Memphis Grizzlies
’02-03 — 44-38/.537 — 4th/2nd Rd * — Joe Dumars/Detroit Pistons
’01-02 — 36-46/.439 — 6th/DNQ ** — Rod Thorn/New Jersey Nets ***
’00-01 — 51-31/.623 — 3rd/1st Rd * — Geoff Petrie/Sacramento Kings
’99-00 — 53-29/.646 — 3rd/2nd Rd * — John Gabriel/Orlando Magic
’98-99 — 27-23/.540 — 3rd/1st Rd * — Geoff Petrie/Sacramento Kings
’97-98 — 56-26/.683 — 3rd/1st Rd * — Wayne Embry/Clev Cavaliers
’96-97 — 40-42/.488 — 4th/1st Rd * — Bob Bass/Charlotte Bobcats
’95-96 — 41-41/.500 — 4th/1st Rd * — Jerry Krause/Chicago Bulls ****

’94-95 — 59-23/.720 — 1st/2nd Rd — Jerry West/LA Lakers

* Suns with GM/Bryan Colangelo, Made Playoffs;
** Suns with GM/Bryan Colangelo, Missed Playoffs
*** Team lost in the NBA Finals
**** Team won the NBA championship

Phoenix Suns’ Overall W-L Record with GM/Bryan Cloangelo, 452-336 (.574), 11 years


Do most Toronto fans realize the playoff record of those 11 Phoenix Suns teams?

Or, that 2 of those 11 teams failed to qualify for the playoffs?

Or, that the cumulative W-L record of those 11 teams is 452-336/.574?

(which is almost exactly the same as the Raptors’ W-L record last season, i.e. 47-35/.573)

The optimism of Raptors’ supporters who believe unabashedly – i.e. ‘In Bryan We Trust’ – that the current team is somehow going to get a whole lot better during the next few seasons under the direction of Mr. Colangelo … is a source of wonder to the astute observer who has actually taken a closer look at the performance of the teams he led as the GM of the Phoenix Suns.


Q1. Will the Raptors ever be able to address their Rebounding & Defensive deficiencies … under his leadership?

A1. Maybe … maybe not.

Q2. Will the Raptors ever be able to reach the NBA Finals … with their Rebounding & Defensive deficiencies … under his direction?

A2. Maybe … maybe not.

Q3. Will the Raptors ever be able to WIN the NBA championship … with their Rebounding & Defensive deficiencies … during his tenure?

A3. Maybe … but, probably not.


What are your opinions?