Bryan Colangelo, unplugged [Dec 08]

“The answer to the riddle is found in the original source material.”

As a Raptors fan, you need to Listen to the whole thing.

Of Scorpions, frogs, GM’s and coaches [April 30, 2008]

Nothing more and nothing less than THAT.

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4 Responses to “Bryan Colangelo, unplugged [Dec 08]”

  1. Raps Fan Says:

    i appreciate that bc has accepted half the blame in this situation. he said something really interesting me when he mentioned that the gm’s job is to get the right guys, and the coach’s job is to use them properly.

    with that in mind, and assuming that your suggested lineup was the correct use of players, how much better would this team be if it used your suggested lineup?

    i ask this because if the players were used correctly, and the raptors were sitting at say 12-7, then it could be argued that bc did his job in the off-season. on the flipside, if they were used properly and were still 8-11, then it was 100% on sam. i’m having trouble expressing myself here, hope you follow.

  2. Raps Fan Says:

    btw, i love bob mcowan, great knack for asking the tough questions.

  3. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    I think I understand what you’re trying to say.

    Here’s my take, however.

    The line-up suggestions I’ve provided here and elsewhere are not the sort which Mr. Colangelo would ever have envisioned for his team, regardless who the coach might have been this year. He does not see the game in this way.

    Collectively, they would be an effort to make “chicken” from “chicken salad”; and, in the hands of the right coach, would indeed be able to accrue a fair number of W’s in the NBA this season for the Raptors.

    That said … whoever put this current roster together for the Raptors cannot possibly be considered a Top Notch GM in the NBA, IMO, as compared to what it COULD HAVE BEEN this season, it just doesn’t stack up very well.

    An example of what I’m trying to say here is this:

    [A] Current line-up this season:

    STARTERS: 1/Calderon, 2/Parker, 3/Bargnani, 4/Bosh & 5/O’Neal
    KEY BENCH PLAYERS: Solomon, Kapono, Moon, Graham & Humphries
    RESERVES: Ukic & Adams,
    OUT: Jawai

    * Neither the GM nor the coach deserve praise for this.

    [B] Current line-up, used properly, IMO:

    STARTERS: 1/Calderon, 2/Moon, 3/Graham, 4/Humphries & 5/Bosh
    KEY BENCH PLAYERS: Parker, Bargnani & O’Neal
    RESERVES: Solomon, Ukic, Adams & Kapono
    OUT: Jawai

    * The coach would warrant praise for this.

    [C] What the line-up SHOULD have been this season, IMO:

    STARTERS: 1/Calderon, 2/Parker, 3/Moon, 4/Humphries & 5/Bosh
    KEY BENCH PLAYERS: 1/Ivey, 2/Carney, 3/Graham, 4/Bargnani & 5/Nesterovic
    RESERVES: Delfino & Garbajosa
    OUT: Ukic, Luc Richard Mbah A Moute or Roy Hibbert or Chris Douglas-Roberts or Joey Dorsey, Austin Croshere

    * The GM and the coach would warrant praise for this.

    Hopefully, you should be able to see the difference between the three. 🙂


    While I respect Bob McCowan and the job he’s done over the course of his long career on the airwaves … I like neither “what” he does nor “how” he does it, except when he focuses on the “Business of Sport”, which, IMO, is something that he does better than anyone else.

  4. Dave Says:

    I enjoyed that interview. Interesting stuff.

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