THE Answer for the Pistons

Whether Michael Curry, Joe Dumars or Allen Iverson like it or not … the Detroit Pistons will only become the 2nd best team in the Eastern Conference, again this season, if they eventually come to the following realization about their team’s mix of players:

#1. PG – Stuckey [should be playing 30+ MPG]
#2. OG – Rip [should be playing 30+ MPG]
#3. SF – Prince [back-up back-up PG, should be playing 30+ MPG]
#4. PF – Maxiell/Johnson/McDyess
#5. C – Sheed
#6. OG/PG – Iverson [ala The Micro-wave]
#7. SF – Afflalo
#8. PF – McDyess/Maxiell/Johnson
#9. C – Brown
#10. SF – Herrmann
#11. PF/C – Johnson/Maxiel/Brown
#12. PG – Bynum [4th string]

Although their best Group-Of-5 does not include Mr. Iverson, if he’s used corrrectly, off the bench …

for high intensity spot duty, in relief of Stuckey or Rip, ala Vinnie Johnson [from yesteryear], as the 3rd Guard in the rotation, behind Zeke & Little Jo, who could really fill it up whenever he’s in the game; but, is nowhere nearly good enough defensively or in terms of rebounding, at this stage of his career, to justify [i] receiving major minutes on this team, or [ii] the holding back of Stuckey, in general, at the PG spot … 

then, the Pistons still have what it takes to regain their perch beside the Celtics.


How he handles this situation, from here on in, is the first significant test of Michael Curry’s leadership with the Pistons.

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5 Responses to “THE Answer for the Pistons”

  1. FLUXLAND Says:

    I’m assuming a “response” to this?:

  2. RB Says:

    100% agree.

  3. Raps Fan Says:

    interesting it took so long. imo this should have been the plan from day one. any word from iverson ont his move yet?

  4. FLUXLAND Says:

    Raps Fan… AI is not coming of the bench as Kha is suggesting. Click the link. Not sure what this does in terms of rebounding for the Pistons.

  5. khandor Says:

    IMO, what the Pistons’ new line-up …

    PG – Stuckey
    OG – Ivers
    SF – Rip
    PF – Prince
    C – Sheed

    actually does, is spin their wheels unnecessarily, again. 😦

    i.e. That ^^^, right there, is not the sort of group which is going to beat the Celtics or the Cavaliers.

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