A modern day Anthony …

… Mason, is the Heat’s Canadian Jo-el.

Thick, strong and agile, he can compete effectively at multiple positions in the NBA, and should now be able to carve out for himself a relatively long and fruitful NBA career.

The best part?

Miami Heat Center Anthony coming out of his shell
“I don’t need any type of signature. I just want wins. People will hear about me if I continue to get better.”
Joel Anthony

Good to know that Pat Riley hasn’t lost his touch, when it comes to assessing NBA talent with a keen eye.

As long as Miami can avoid a re-occurrence of the injury bug-a-boo which befell D-Wade two seasons ago, it should be a short time only before the Heat are once again legit playoff contenders in the EC.

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One Response to “A modern day Anthony …”

  1. Dave Says:

    Joel Anthony is a borderline NBA player at this point but he’s improved well over the last year and a half, so he’s a decent prospect going forward.

    He shouldn’t be in an NBA team’s rotation at this point, and the only reason he’s in Miami’s is because of the dire situation they have with their big men. Long term if he want’s to be part of a rotation he badly needs to improve his rebounding which simply isn’t good enough considering the lack of offensive talent.

    He’s a hard worker and the Heat’s coaching staff love how he tries to learn, so he should stick around for years to come.

    Rebounding, rebounding, rebounding …. has to improve.

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