What is really going on here: Part II

Mandatory viewing for each and every Raptors fan …

[Dec 4 2008/post-practice]

Be sure to “listen” to the entire thing.


According to this corner of the blogosphere …

Sam Mitchell hadn’t lost Chris Bosh …

[Dec 2 2008/post-game]

nor, Jose Calderon …

[Dec 2 2008/post-game]

nor, Jermaine O’Neal …

[Dec 2 2008/post-game]

… when he was fired by the Toronto Raptors [Wed Dec 3 2008].

This locker room was embarassed … by the lack of effort put forth against the Denver Nuggets … but, these three players had no desire whatsoever to see their head coach fired, 17 games into the 2008-2009 regular season, with a 8-9 W-L record … and the current roster of players. 


If anyone would care to explain the integrated Plan of Action they see in place with the Toronto Raptors, since Feb/2006, when the current President/GM was hired by MLSE, yours truly would be overjoyed to read about it in the comments section below … as, to these eyes, it does not seem as though there’s been one, when reviewing the following list of transactions:

* Kris Humphries acquired in exchange for Hoffa Araujo
* Rasho Nesterovic acquired in exchange for Matt Bonner + Eric Williams
* Maurizio Gherardini [Assistant GM] is added 
* Marc Eversley [Manager of Basketball Operations] is added

* Mike James [UFA] is not re-signed
* TJ Ford acquired for Charlie Villanueva
* Andrea Bargnani drafted [1st Round/No. 1 Overall]
* PJ Tucker drafted [2nd Round]
* Anthony Parker signed [UFA]
* Jorge Garbajosa signed [UFA]
* Fred Jones signed [UFA]
* Darrick Martin signed [UFA]
* Dave Hopla [Shooting Coach] is added
* Juan Dixon is acquired in exchange for Fred Jones [Portland]
* Luke Jackson is signed [UFA]
* Luke Jackson is released
* Sam Mitchell receives a 4 year contract extension
* Dave Hopla leaves
* Jim Todd [Assistant Coach] leaves
* Masai Ujuri [Director of International Scouting] is added

* Morris Peterson [UFA] is not re-signed
* Jason Kapono is signed [UFA]
* Carlos Delfino is acquired in exchange for two future 2nd Round Draft Picks
* Maceo Baston is signed [UFA]
* Mike Evans [Assistant Coach] is added
* Mark Hughes [Assistant/Development Coach] is added
* Jamario Moon is signed [UFA]
* John Lucas [Assistant coach] is added
* Primoz Brezec [Detroit] is acquired in exchange for Juan Dixon
* Linton Johnson is signed [UFA]
* Linton Johnson is released

* Darrick Martin is not re-signed
* Jermaine O’Neal is acquired in exchange for TJ Ford + Rasho Nesterovic + Maceo Baston + flip-flop of 2008 Draft Picks [i.e. Pacers get No. 17/Roy Hibbert;  Raptors get No. 41/Nathan Jawai]
* Carlos Delfino [UFA] is not re-signed
* Hassan Adams is signed [UFA]
* Will Solomon is signed [UFA]
* Roko Ukic is signed [former draft pick]
* Jorge Garbajosa is bought out [contract off the books for the 2009-2010 season]
* John Lucas leaves
* Gord Herbert [Assistant Coach] is added
* Sam Mitchell, head coach, is fired [Dec 3 2008]
* Jay Triano [former Assistant Coach] appointed interim Head Coach [Dec 3 2008]

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8 Responses to “What is really going on here: Part II”

  1. The AltRaps Blog » Toronto Raptors Linkage for December 6th from 07:59 to 08:22 Says:

    […] What is really going on here: Part II – […]

  2. Raps Fan Says:

    i’m not sure what you are getting at khan. you have been alluding to something for a few days now, but i have no clue where you’re going with it. how is the digging coming?

  3. Raps Fan Says:

    question: “how much responsibility do you guys feel for sam getting fired?”
    bosh: “none!”


  4. Raps Fan Says:

    i’ll admit, bosh doesn’t look very happy. maybe something to add to your notes 😉

    • khandor Says:

      Raps Fan,

      Each day that goes by … the picture in my crystal ball tends to become a tad more clear.


      I have no hard evidence to point to yet … but it is beginning to look as though there are different perceptions which exist internally with this team re: the quality of the current roster and the best way to use the different pieces available going forward from here.

      Food For Thought …

      * Bosh, Calderon & Graham were players from the Rob Babcock era.

      * Humphries, Parker, Bargnani, Kapono, Jawai, Solomon & Adams have been added by Colangelo.

      * Moon was added by Sam Mitchell [IMO].
      * O’Neal was added by Sam Mitchell [IMO].

      * Ukic was drafted by Rob Bacock and added by Mitchell [IMO].


      According to what I’m reading today and read yesterday …

      * This team is now about to focus, once again, on playing basketball without a number of set plays being called from the sidelines by the head coach.

      * “Running” the ball more in Offensive Transition, in hopes of scoring easy baskets.

      * Implementing a consistent set of defensive principles that apply to everyone and include “Forcing towards the Baseline”; in contrast to “Forcing Middle”, which apparently is what Sam Mitchell had been asking them to do … in some type of inconsistent way, somehow.


      Trying to take THIS approach … with this roster, as is … is the exact opposite of what I believe this team should be doing.


      From where I sit … things look to be in disarray. 😦

  5. Raps Fan Says:

    incredible disarray as evidence by bosh’s attempt at pg’ing at the end of the game. we will probably be in store for a disappointing conclusion to this season…

    interestingly, the raptors looked like two different teams today. i think jack summed it up when talking about how old habits die hard.

  6. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    IMO, Jack’s incessant mentioning of “poor habits” by the Raptors is a giant mis-direct, on his part. Instead of making this type of generic reference to nothing, as what ails this team [in Jack’s opinion], he needs to become more specific in his descriptions of what’s hapening on the floor at any given time.

    The two separate teams aspect of their play so far this season is directly related to the lack of Quality Depth on the roster, as is.

    It’s when they go to the bench for players like Kapono, Solomon, Ukic and the bad version of Bargnani that this team gets itself into major trouble.


    In addition, the inefficient post-up play of Jermaine O’Neal [in general] is causing a disruption to the way the team has scored the bulk of its points for the last 2+ years.

    The fact is … he is a bad fit on the floor with a player like Chris Bosh.

  7. Stephen Waugh Says:

    “* Mike James [UFA] is not re-signed”

    Mike James was journeyman who suddenly happened to be a top free after breaking out in Toronto, at 31 years old? Sure it would have nice to sign-and-trade him for anything worth value, but the fact is he had never been able to find a starting job in the league before. At best he was worth an early-to-mid second round pick. Losing him for nothing was no skin off the Raptors back. After getting his “lucrative” contract “anywhere but Toronto”, he came down to earth and showed what he really was, a mediocre player who happened to average good points on a bad team.

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