NBA’s upper echelon begins to emerge

The NBA’s regular season schedule is now in full swing with each team having played a minimum of 13 games.

As was mentioned earlier in this space, there are three tiers of teams in this League that reveal themselves on an annual basis:

1. HIGH END [above a .549 Win %]
2. MIDDLE-of-the-Pack [between a .450-.549 Win %]
3. LOW END [below a .450 Win %]

At this point, here’s what each team’s W-L record is, in conjunction with their respective Rebounding Differential Ranking [which regular readers here know is a crucial factor towards playoff success]:


1 LA Lakers 12-1/.923; +5.00/#3
2 Boston 14-2/.875; +3.43/#7
3 Cleveland 12-3/.750; +4.33/#5
4 Phoenix 11-5/.688; -0.25/#14
T5 Detroit 9-5/.643; +0.92/#11
T5 Atlanta 9-5/.643; -0.42/#16
T5 Orlando 12-4/.643; -0.37/#15
T5 New Orleans 9-5/.643; +0.07/#13
T9 Utah 10-6/.625; +3.50/#6
T9 Portland 10-6/.625; +4.37/#4
T9 Houston 10-6/.625; +2.06/#9
T9 Denver 10-6/.625; -0.43/#17
13 San Antonio 8-6/.571; -2.28/#24 *


T14 Dallas 7-7/.500; +3.07/#8
T14 New Jersey 7-7/.500; +0.21/#12
T14 Toronto 7-7/.500; -2.14/#23
T17 Miami 7-8/.467; -5.26/#28
T17 Philadelphia 6-7/.467; +6.33/#1
T17 New York 7-8/.467; -7.20/#30


20 Chicago 7-9/.438; -1.31/#19
21 Indiana 6-8/.429; +1.00/#10
22 Milwaukee 7-10/.412; +5.58/#2
23 Golden State 5-10/.333; -3.20/#26
24 Sacramento 5-12/.294; -1.64/#20
25 Memphis 4-11/.267; -2.40/#25
26 Charlotte 4-10/.286; -2.07/#22
27 Minnesota 3-10/.231; -1.30/#18
28 Washington 2-11/.154; -3.46/#27
29 LA Clippers/2-13/.133; -5.53/#29
30 Oklahoma City 1-15/.063; -1.81/#21

* Have played mostly without Ginobili-M and Parker-T, thus far.

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5 Responses to “NBA’s upper echelon begins to emerge”

  1. Evan Brunell Says:

    Hey man, couldn’t find your e-mail address — could you drop me a line at evan AT Thanks!

  2. Ryan Says:

    There’s one low end team who I think will make the playoffs-

    chicago- They got enough scorers to stay around the .500 mark and go on 4,5 game winning streaks

  3. khandor Says:


    In a sense I agree with that take as, at this point, I would not be willing to bet against any one of Chicago, Indiana, Milwaukee or Golden State being unable to slide into the #8 playoff spot in their respective conference.

    In no way should any of those MIDDLE Teams perceive themselves to be hands-down better than that group of 4.

  4. Raps Fan Says:

    i’m also interested to see how chicago/indiana fair in the east. golden state has lost a bit of their edge without baron davis at the helm. things might look up for them when ellis comes back.

    i like the lakers coming out of the west, but i don’t think they can beat boston for some reason. maybe it’s more i don’t like the lakers then anything else.

  5. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    Last night’s Warriors vs Heat game was a prime example of the decline in G-State’s fortunes this season. With the Baron Davis of 2006-2007 and 2007-2008, no way Golden State loses that game, either in regulation or in OT.

    Without Baron Davis, though … Miami was able to steal in game in enemy territory they had no business getting, given the 4th Q & OT production they got out from D-Wade.


    re: Chicago & Indiana

    If the Pacers decide to go with Ford as their primary PG, ultimately, they will suffer a similar fate to the Raptors these past two seasons.

    Although they have quality alternatives in Jack & Diener, IMO, Ford is simply too erratic in his decision-making with the ball to lead his team very far in the NBA’s post-season knockout tournament.

    Now, if they would actually play him as their back-up … that’s a different story altogether.

    Derrick Rose is a difference maker with that team. Once he discovers just how good he really is, in comparison with the other household Guards in the NBA, look out … the Bulls will be moving up the standings in the Eastern Conference, either next season or towards the end of this one.

    Physically, there hasn’t been a PG come into this League with his package of skills for a long, long, time.


    re: the expected outcome of the Lakers vs Celtics Finals match-up this season

    Our own personal biases will do that to us every now and then. 🙂

    As long as all hands are healthy, this Lakers’ crew is simply a juggernaut.

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