Wade or Bosh … Which one would you choose?

Inspired from a specific comment [#29], at RaptorsRepublic.com

Please feel free to supply your own rationale for your choice in the comments section of this blog.

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28 Responses to “Wade or Bosh … Which one would you choose?”

  1. Edgar Says:

    I’m feel so honored….

    “Bosh’s trade value will always exceed wade’s because

    – he’s a big
    – he’s less prone to short term injury
    – he’s several years younger (wade is already in prime)
    – he’s going to have a much longer career due to style of play etc

    Every GM in the league would take Bosh over Wade and Carmelo if put in any of those teams situations again.”

  2. Raps Fan Says:

    good question khandor,


    – almost impossible cover at the 4/5
    – aggressive rebounder
    – good man defender in the paint
    – very good help defender in the paint
    – average post-up game
    – exceptional face-up game
    – very good scorer overall (bit of a black hole on offense though)

    matched up with a solid front court player (low post scorer, rebounder, man-to-man defender), would create a very formidable front court. we see the potential with the O’Neal pairing. even with this type of pairing, another elite level type scorer would be needed. not totally sold on his ability to be the go-to-man (offensively) on a championship team, but he has changed my perception over the last two years that’s for sure.


    – impossible cover at 2
    – aggressive rebounder
    – average man defender on the perimeter
    – good help defender
    – elite scorer from everywhere on the floor except behind the arc
    – exceptional passer for a scoring 2

    wade has the ability to win a game all by himself. he is an above average rebounder at the 2, and gets a lot of assists because of the attention he draws. his dribble penetration is ridiculous, his jump shot is improving yet very good within 18ft. if paired with a dead-eye perimeter shooter, and a solid low post presence can win championships.

    age wasn’t a consideration for me. as both these guys are fairly young (wade is only 2 years older, not several). contrary to what was mentioned, bosh also has a history of short term history. so these guys have a nother 5-7 years of prime left in them.

    what weighs heavily on me is the winning mentality. both these guys had college success, both these guys won an olympic gold medal, but wade won an nba championship very early in his career. not only did he win, he was the mvp. bosh on the other hand hasn’t got out of the first round yet (wade won a championship before he was 24).

    so would i trade for wade with this raptor team? i probably would. would i have drafted bosh over wade? no.

  3. khandor Says:


    Welcome aboard!

    My appreciation for Chris Bosh is well-documented on my blog.

    IMO, CB4 is a very special player, in the NBA.

    That said …

    If forced to make this exact choice, there is no question in my mind which of these two players I would choose to build my NBA team around …

    as, fundamentally, I agree with Raps Fan.

    IMO, most of the elite level GM’s in the NBA would also be in agreement with this perspective.

  4. Dave Says:

    I would choose Dwyane Wade. He’s reached and sustained a level of individual brilliance that Chris Bosh may not ever achieve.

  5. Travis Outlaw Says:

    If the 2003 NBA draft was redone. It should be:
    1. Lebron (Cavs)
    2. CB4 (Pistons) No powerfoward at the time.
    3. Carmelo (Nuggets)
    4. D-Wade (Raptors)

    With VC already on the team the Raptors biggest mistake was to take CB4 over D-Wade.

    I would choose D-Wade he’s a proven winner who’s already won a championship. While CB4 might never win one as long as he’s in Toronto.

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  7. Arsenalist Says:

    Bosh as outlined by Edgar.

    Even if Wade was the same age, it wouldn’t matter. He’s got the body of a 31 year old and can break down any second. I’m actually surprised Wade’s got 11 votes.

    The big difference maker for me is that Bosh has a higher ceiling, if he develops a decent post-up game, watch out. It’s not there yet but in time I think it’ll come and that’s when he’ll elevate beyond KG and towards TD. It’s high expectations but if he gets the right direction its possible.

  8. khandor Says:

    Anyone surprised that the votes cast, thus far, are just about even?

  9. Raps Fan Says:

    it’s a tough choice, there is no doubt. how much more can bosh possibly do though? even with a post up game, it’s not like he’s a 30 a night scorer in the league. wade is.

    where bosh is ahead is his defensive presence. like khandor always says, if used at the 5 as an undersized one, kid could be bad ass.

    i’d actually like to see that.

  10. Edgar Says:

    Yeah my bad Wade is 2 years and 2 months older – I remember seeing him as 26 when CB was 23 so my brain was off (and i was too lazy to check). Thoughts of the day:

    “If Wade never plays with Shaq is he percieved to be a guy putting up good numbers on a bad team?”

    “Is Chris Bosh underrated?” and “Is Dwayne Wade overrated?”

    Some of the NBA Finals MVP’s have been simply the best performer during the finals by the team that won (Billups). If Dallas won it all and Dirk gets the MVP how would it change your view of Dirk as a star?

    Not trying to defend my choice but rather explain it.

  11. Edgar Says:

    “_____ has the ability to win a game all by himself.”

    Miami has a surprisingly poor record when Wade dominates. Honestly I have to say there may only be 2 players in the league that can truely fill the blank…

  12. Josh Tucker Says:

    No knock on C-Bosh, but if Wade is healthy, it’s not even close — he’s not far behind Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. It’s the fact that you DO have to consider health that makes this actually quite close. Still, I took Wade… he may be a step behind Kobe and LeBron, but if you’re going to build a solid team around him, even a sometimes-injured Wade is something formidable, and at this point, he’s still a step ahead of C-Bosh.

    Still… Bosh is really making his case, lately.

  13. Raps Fan Says:

    edgar: i agree, recently when wade dominates, the heat suffer. but in fairness, with a good team around him (like kobe, lebron, etc) he can put the team on his back, and win games by himself. if kobe was in wades place, do you really think the heat would be a better team? i highly doubt it. but bosh is making the case, that is for sure.

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  16. J_MYX | Towel Wavers Says:

    On the whole, I like Wade better than Bosh, but I have to admit that Bosh’s spot is a tougher fill than Wade’s. There aren’t a whole lot of bigs with CB4’s quality so I’d be very tempted.

    Still, I think I’d cast my vote for Wade. The fact that he can carry his team over the hump and make a good team a championship team is something few players can speak of. I think this ability of Wade gives him the edge over Bosh.

    Chris is probably capable of it as well, but at this point, it’s just potential. I may have to rethink this if/when Bosh wins a ring as the number 1 option on his team.

  17. withmalice Says:

    It’s an interesting question… and one I’m guessing may be facing Donnie Walsh.
    I’d almost bet that we’ll see one of these guys alongside LeBron in a NYK jersey.

    I too don’t think it’s close, Bosh. You cannot make statements like “…health aside, Dwayne Wade.” because of course health has to be taken into account! Wade has health issues, and if I’m looking to put a person beside LeBron (as I’m guessing Walsh now is), then Bosh. Clearly.

  18. Monroe Says:

    Come on boys, this is an easy one.

  19. Travis Outlaw Says:

    If its building a franchise I would rather have D-Wade.

    If its New York with Lebron I think CB4 would play better with Lebron.

  20. Travis Outlaw Says:

    (Quote) “If Wade never plays with Shaq is he percieved to be a guy putting up good numbers on a bad team?”
    -CB4 has never even reached the NBA finals. While D-Wade has doesn’t that make him better? Or do you think D-Wade had better teammates like Shaq and Haslem. And that is the only reason the Heat won. In that case you can’t really say because you could say the only reason D-Wade is better than Bosh is because he’s had better teammates. If Bosh was in Miami instead of D-Wade at that time could he had won a championship?

    (Quote) Some of the NBA Finals MVP’s have been simply the best performer during the finals by the team that won (Billups). If Dallas won it all and Dirk gets the MVP how would it change your view of Dirk as a star?
    – Billups played extremely well in the NBA finals against the Lakers. He should be praised for that. If Dirk had beat the Heat and won Finals MVP he should also be praised for that. But he didn’t. Wade won. And Wade should be praised for that. Wade’s a proven winner while CB4 has yet to win. Which is why Wade is the better choice.

  21. spiderbeef23 Says:

    People seem to forget that Wade took the Heat to the second round of the playoffs during his rookie year. Of the top five picks, only Darko Milicic went deeper that Wade into the playoffs, and we all know how that happened.

    I don’t think the rarity of superstar-level big men is an issue here. The way the league is set up nowadays, you have a better chance of winning a chip with a superstar perimeter player surrounded by serviceable bigs than building around a superstar big with serviceable guards.

  22. Lakers Blog Says:

    This is a simple one for me… CHRIS BOSH!!!

    It’s a simple argument… Bosh plays great whether the refs blow the whistles for him or not. Wade has also had his share of injuries and inconsistent play. Also, it’s still true, dominant big men are difficult to find and Bosh definitely fits into that category. Phil Jackson has been talking about Bosh’s abilities for quite some time and thats got to be of some merit!

  23. KLo516 Says:

    I agree, specifically, with Raps Fan. I choose Dwyane Wade. Both have won on several levels but Wade has proven that he can be the centerpiece on an NBA championship squad. Has Bosh been the most overlooked of the 2003 draft class? Yes, he most certainly has but Wade is just one rung above.

    And as someone before mentioned, the free agent class of 2010 poses some pretty interesting scenarios…

  24. BlackDragon Says:

    This is a real easy decision. I would pick my man CB-4 Chris Bosh any day of the week over wade or melo. D-wade shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Bosh. Chris has a killa post up game, a wicked outside shoot and sick ass defense that can destroy any baller on this planet or any other planet for that matter!. Not only is he the best in the league, but he will go down in history as the best forward to ever play this game period!!!!

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