GAME REVIEW: Raptors at Heat [Nov 19]

Primarily using their Bigger Line-up [i.e. with Bargnani, O’Neal & Bosh] for the 3rd consecutive game … this time with Jose Calderon [PG] back at the helm … the Raptors were able to:

1. WIN the Battle of the Boards [Tor +2: Tor/43; Mia/41];
2. PROTECT the Paint with 3 Shot-blocking players on the court simultaneously [BS/4; surrendering only 11 Made Layups/Dunks];
3. Control/limit the damaging effects of DRIBBLE PENETRATION by Switching vs Pick Action with their 3 Bigger Players;
4. Break Even in the Turnover Battle [Tor/10; Mia/10]; and,
5. Shoot a HIGH PERCENTAGE on their 3FGM-A [9-13/.692].


FINAL SCORE: Raptors 101, Heat 95
Game Info


When the Raptors employ THIS specific Style of Play … i.e. with 3 Shot-blocking Bigger Players on the court, simultaneously; Jose Calderon at the helm [32+ MP]; Andrea Bargnani [3-4, 3FGm-A] as a PERIMETER Shooting Threat [not as a Post-up Player]; and, Anthony Parker going 5-5 on 3FGM-A/1.000  … this is a team which is capable of finishing among the Top 6 of the Eastern Conference this season.

Over the course of their second set of 10 games, it will be interesting to see how this 5-man Unit plays together for Toronto [6-5]:

Game 9 – v Mia – W
Game 10 – @ Orl – L
Game 11 – @ Mia – W
Game 12 – vs NJ
Game 13 – vs Bos
Game 14 – vs Cha
Game 15 – vs Atl
Game 16 – @ Lal
Game 17 – @ Den
Game 18 – @ Uta
Game 19 – vs Por
Game 20 – @ Cle


PS. The defensive steal & twisting, driving, wrong-footed left-hand layup, in traffic, that Jose Calderon delivered last, in the final minute of the game is an example of Clutch Play by an elite level PG.
Thus far, this season, Jose is 2-3 in Clutch Play situations.
1. Big 3-ball vs Milwaukee. [solid]
2. Missed contested J2 vs Boston. [poor]
3. Big Steal & tough Driving Layup vs Miami. [solid]

For those who still doubt El Matador’s mettle … keep an eye out for these types of situations as this season develops.

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