Raptors’ CRUNCH TIME offense vs the Celtics [Nov 11]

Perusing the net today, it was interesting to see what others had to say about the Raptors’ choice of offensive options during the final 3 minutes of their terrific game versus the Celtics last night.

Feel free to drop a note into the ‘comments’ section of this entry, if you saw or read anything which covered this sort of material, elsewhere in the blogosphere during your travels today. 😉


Coming the down the stretch [i.e. in the final 3:14 of the 4th Q] …


O’Neal [TO] – Raps ran JK Down Screened for CB [R-Block]; CB Angle Pick for JC [R-Top Of The Key (TOTK)]; Garnett did not ’show’ & stayed with CB; Rondo went ‘over’ the Pick; JC turned the corner, drove for a layup; Pierce sagged off JK [R-Corner] to stop dribble penetration; JC kick to JK; Rondo rotated over from trailing JC to contest the open J3 by JK; JK shot fake, 1 dribble middle; Pierce recovered out; JK pass to JC [R-Short Corner]; Rondo & Perkins rotated to JC; JC middle pass to JO [in the lane]; Allen-R rotated in to check JO; Perkins recovered back to challenge JO’s shot attempt; JO should have shot the ball; JO passes back to JC, ball goes out of bounds; TO/O’Neal.


O’Neal [Missed J2/BS] – Raps ran JK Down Screened for CB [R-Block]; CB Angle Pick for JC [R-TOTK]; Garnett ’showed’ vs JC; Rondo went ‘under’ the Pick; Rondo recovered out to JC; Garnett recovered back to CB; CB [TOTK] tried to back-cut vs Garnett, denied; JC passed to JK [R-Corner]; JO posted up [R-Block]; Perkins muscled JO off the block; JO forced out to 15 ft; JK post entry pass to JO; JK cleared through on the baseline; JO 1-V-1 on Perkins; Rondo sagged to the ballside elbow, into the lane, to deter JO from turning middle; JO should have passed out to JC [TOTK] for the open J3, the same one he hit late vs Milwaukee for the win; instead, JO turned to outside for his own turn-around jumpshot, which was blocked by Perkins; Loose ball recovered by Pierce.


O’Neal [TO] – Sideline Out of Bounds. Raps inbound to JC [R-TOTK]; AP Down screened for CB [R-Block]; CB Angle Pick for JC; CB ’slips’ early to the TOTK; Garnett ’showed & recovered back to CB; Rondo went ‘over’; Pierce sagged off JK [L-FTL Extended (FTLX)] to deter the throwback pass to CB, while Garnett was still recovering; JC picked up his dribble, at the FTLX, in order to pass back to CB, who the play was originally called for; Garnett hard denied [full front] CB; JO posted up [off R-Elbow]; JC passed to JO; AP cleared out along the baseline; JO should have faced up and attacked Perkins off the bounce, 17 ft from the basket; JO passed out to JC; JO set Angle Pick for JC [R-TOTK]; Rondo got picked off by JO; JC turned the corner; Perkins ’switched’ to defend JC, and did so perfectly, without fouling, forcing JC to drive baseline under the basket; Allen-R sagged into the lane, then recovered out to defend AP; Pierce sunk into the lane, then recovered out to defend JK; Garnett had the discipline to never leave CB; Rondo had the discipline to never leave JO; JC read the play correctly and found JO with a high pass out, since he was covered by the smaller Rondo; JO caught the pass, then dribbled in the lane [which he should not have done; he should have gone straight-up for the shot attempt]; Rondo & Garnett attacked the dribble and stripped JO; TO/O’Neal.


Calderon [Missed J2] – CB set Down Screen for JK [L-Elbow]; JK cleared out along the baseline; CB set Angle Pick for JC [L-Elbow]; Rondo was picked off; JC turned the corner; Perkins sagged off JO [R-Elbow] and rotated hard & fast to challenge JC; Garnett had the discipline to stay with CB and NOT help onto JC; JC made the correct read and took a pull-up Jumpshot, which was open; Perkins challenged the pull-up J; Missed J2/Calderon.


Parker [Missed J3] – Sideline Out of Bounds. Inbound pass to AP [R-TOTK]. CB went to set a High Middle Pick for AP; AP rejected the Pick and, instead, attacked Pierce 1-V-1 off the bounce; AP took a J3; Pierce kept AP in front of him & contested the shot; Missed J3/Parker.


Kapono [Missed J3] – JC [in transition] Dribble handoff Pick for JK [L-Corner]; Allen-R went ‘under’; JK [L-FTLX] took a J3, uncontested. Missed J3/Kapono.


Parker [Made J3] – Baseline Out of Bounds. CB & JO set Elbow Screens for AP [L-Elbow]; AP curled around the 2 screens into the Right Corner; Perkins rotated to defend AP; JK cut to the Right FTLX; JO set a Down Screen for JC [inbounds passer]; AP passed out to KP; Allen-R jumped at JK to deter the open ‘catch & shoot’ J; JK shot faked and took 1 sribble to avoid Allen; Perkins & Pierce rotated to JK to prevent the open J; CB spaced out at the TOTK; JK passed to AP [R-Corner]; Perkins rotated out to contest the open J. AP took a J3. Made J3/Parker.

… in every instance Jose Calderon and Chris Bosh read the Celtics’ Defense correctly, and made the correct play, accordingly.

While it’s 100% accurate to say that Calderon missed 1 contested pull-up jumpshot … the other execution errors were made by Jermaine O’Neal [3], Anthony Parker [1] and Jason Kapono [1] …

and it is wholly inaccurate to suggest that what the Raptors did in this game was ‘freeze out’ their star player, i.e. Chris Bosh, coming the down stretch vs Kevin Garnett & Co.


If you didn’t … know that:

1. Perhaps you got ripped off; and,
2. THE difference is in the details … when it comes to understanding fully,

How things work, possession by possession, in the NBA.’ 🙂

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