What a measuring stick measures

This corner of the blogosphere simply cannot say frequently enough just how much Sam Mitchell is liked and appreciated by yours truly.

Despite what he articulates in his public interviews … there should be no doubt whatsoever that HE knows full well the extent to which each and every game or practice for an NBA team is, in fact, a measuring stick of one sort or another … with the only distinction being what is being ‘measured’ that day, specifically, and by whom.

It is going to be most intriguing tonight to see exactly where the Raptors [3-0] stand, playing their 4th game of the regular season versus a Pistons team [3-0], now, permanently without Chauncey Billups [starting PG for the last 6 years] in their line-up and, either, with or without ‘The Answer’, in the mix for Detroit, a squad that has advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals for 6 consecutive years.

It should be another barn-burner at the ACC this evening!


In-game, keep your eyes firmly fixed on (i) the ‘Rebounding Differential’, (ii) the Assist:Turnover Differentials, (iii) the FGM-A’s and %, (iv) the 3FGM-A’s and %, plus the FTM-A and %, as important measurements of team performance vs a Quality Opponent, in the NBA. 😉

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3 Responses to “What a measuring stick measures”

  1. GrayZ Says:

    Free Advice:

    In-game, keep your eyes firmly on the action on the floor. After the game, feel free to check out the stats Khandor suggests….

    IMHO, the boxscore is a poor replacement for watching players in a measuring stick game (or any game for that matter.)

  2. khandor Says:


    My apologies for excluding the following detail from this specific blog entry.

    Yes, indeed … you should keep your eyes firmly fixed on the stats I suggested while you are actually watching the game. 🙂

    Thanks for pointing this out, and welcome aboard.

  3. The AltRaps Blog » Bookmarks for November 5th from 13:31 to 18:38 Says:

    […] What a measuring stick measures – […]

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