Another long wait is over


The Champs

The Champs

Phillies win first World Series since 1980
For a quarter of a century, it was an agonizing cycle for Philadelphia sports fans. Hope, despair, bitterness. For 9,282 days, other places earned the right to raise banners and hoist trophies. No city with so many teams failed for so long.

Now it is over. Now it is Philadelphia’s turn. A game that began with a deluge has washed away an epic drought. The Philadelphia Phillies have won the World Series.


Congratulations to everyone in the Phillies organization!

… especially their GM, former Blue Jays’ boss, Pat Gillick, who has epitomized what the game of baseball is all about throughout his tenures in Toronto, Seattle and, now, Philadelphia.

Building incrementally, from within, through a developmental farm system … and, then, winning it all with both ‘style & class’. 😉

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One Response to “Another long wait is over”

  1. Dan H Says:

    Big props to Matt Stairs – good Canadian player – Jays did him a big favor sending him to Philly!

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