The Cackle & The Logo … set for tip-off, again

My friends, it simply doesn’t get any better than this …


Conversation: Bill Russell and Jerry West catch up
The NBA season is here! What better way to tip it off than with some insights from Hall of Famers Bill Russell and Jerry West?

They were happy to let us listen in as they reflected on their Celtics-Lakers rivalry, the offseason preparation needed to excel for 82 games, and what they are looking forward to most this NBA season. Here’s the conversation. Enjoy… we sure did.

Jerry West: Hello, Bill.

Bill Russell: Jerry, is that you?

Jerry West: Yes, it is.

Bill Russell: Now, Jerry, Cabin Creek, is that the place you’re from?

Jerry West: Yes, it is, Bill and I’m going to take you there before too long.

Bill Russell: Ok, let’s go. [cackles]

Jerry West: Bill, the NBA season is about to tip off, what are you most looking forward to?

Bill Russell: The Celtics and the Lakers. Both teams will have to improve to get back to the Finals. If you show up saying we’re the Lakers and the Celtics, you’ll get your hat brought to you. You lose some games and you say those are upsets. They will not be upsets.

For example, when Red [Auerbach] didn’t draft [Bob] Cousy, he drafted a guy named Charlie Share because George Mikan was the dominant player in the league and Share had the size and ability to compete with George. Red’s theory was: To be competitive you have to be competitive with the best teams.

All the teams are figuring a way to beat the Celtics and the Lakers. There were a lot of personnel changes [with both teams], not necessarily star players, but players that become part of their rotation. So I would give both teams a heads up that to get back to the Finals, you’re going to have to be better than last year.


Mandatory reading for all! 🙂

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