73 … and counting

No denying that there’s a glut of material on the internet that falls into the  ‘highly questionable’ category, depending on any number of factors, including what your individual tastes might happen to be.

You might not like this situation very much but, nevertheless, accept it for what it is. Or, you might think it’s exactly the way things should be, in an open and pluralistic society, based upon fundamental human and democratic rights/principles. Or, you might be at any one of a billion different places along the continuum which exists between these two endpoints. Regardless …

Every once in a while, then you come across a story like this one … ↓↓↓ … which NEEDS to be displayed by each and every blog that portents to be related to the world of human athletics because of the simple smile it brings to your face when you take a minute or two out of your exceptionally busy day to watch a short video clip which just might be a source of inspiration to each & every person you happen to know in this Life.

Hopefully … it’s had this effect on you, too.

Have a terrific weekend. 🙂

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2 Responses to “73 … and counting”

  1. VeRonda Says:

    You’re right, you just never know… Thanks!

  2. khandor Says:


    You’re welcome!

    Drop by any time. 🙂

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