Where you go determines where I go, too

Really like what’s been coming out of the 76ers’ training camp, so far.


Sixers’ Brand, Dalembert learning to work together
Elton Brand isn’t accustomed to playing with a shot-blocking center who has a penchant for catching lobs at the other end of the floor. Samuel Dalembert isn’t accustomed to playing with a power forward who sets up regularly in the low post and commands a double-team.

Time to go to work.

With three preseason games remaining, starting tomorrow night in Cleveland, 76ers coach Maurice Cheeks has plans “to try and get those guys on the same page.”

“Defensively, in terms of rebounding, there’s no space that’s not taken up by both,” Cheeks said before practice yesterday at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. “The challenge is at the offensive end, because more often than not, Elton’s going to have the ball. Sam will either be underneath, or stepping out on top, or screening a guard. Sam’s spot will be defined by where Elton has the ball.


Q1. Will they be good enough to be considered one of the upper echelon teams in the NBA this season?

A1. No, not yet. However, this team is most definitely heading in the right direction … ↑↑↑.

[Note 1: The most impressive Sixer these eyes saw last week, during their exhibition W vs the Raptors, was their young Big, Mauresse Speights. If Elton Brand can stay healthy, over the next few years, this team is going to get a whole lot better, with the continued maturation of Andre Iguodala, Louis Williams, Thaddeus Young, Jason Smith, etc., under the steady hands of Andre Miller (PG), Maurice Cheeks & Ed Stefanski.]

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One Response to “Where you go determines where I go, too”

  1. Dave Says:

    Great stuff

    I was actually just talking to someone about this – that Elton Brand and Samuel Dalembert looked uncomfortable alongside one another so far in preseason. I think Dalembert has had some problems defensively too since the arrival of Brand. Not maximizing both players abilities at the moment. Lot of work to do there.

    Speights is an excellent prospect. He can be an All-Star in this league if he’s willing to work for it. I was amazed he slipped past the top 10. Too much potential (especially as a scorer, as a rebounder too) to go as low as he did. They drafted him of course before Brand, and I was optimistic about what he could do to fill that power forward hole (in a year or two) and help them move forward in a big way, as well as being a short term contributor. It’ll be interesting to see how the presence of Elton Brand effects his development … whether a positive influence or negative influence.

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