Game Review: Raptors vs Minnesota, Oct 16 2008

FINAL SCORE: Raptors 90, Timberwolves 86
Game Summary


Joey Graham – As good as advertised, in advance, by this corner. 🙂 Will need to play a lot, and play well, if this team is going to earn at least 45 W’s this season. If he doesn’t … their goose is cooked.

Andrea Bargnani – As good as advertised, in advance, by this corner. Can flat out score the ball in the NBA … if he gets a Lot of shots AND the PT that was once being designated to Jermaine O’Neal, the Raptors’ superfluous off-season acquisition. One dimensional. Remains a liability on Defense, for the most part, and is still a non-factor on the Boards, when playing against superior NBA athletes.

Kris Humphries – As good as advertised, in advance, from this corner. Energy. Rebounds. Shots. What you see is what you get. That’s who Hump is. Get use to it, cause it’s going to get a LOT of play this season. At this stage of his career, might well be a better investment than Jermaine O’Neal.


Will Solomon – Turnovers. Poor decisions with the ball. Struggling with the re-adjustment to the NBA game. More than athletic enough to succeed in back-up role. Difficult to change the spots on a full-grown leopard.

Jason Kapono – Was a little used ‘back-up’ in Miami for a sound reason. ‘Game stroke’ is still not ‘wet enough’ to overcome defensive and rebounding liabilities, as a PrimeTime Player, in the NBA. Game-to-game performance will be a barometer for the Raptors this season. When he’s good, they’ll have a solid chance for a W. When he’s not, look out … there’s probably an L coming their way.

Jermaine O’Neal – Right now, nowhere close to being the player he was 5 years ago. At $21 million per season for the next two years? Hmmmm …


In general, not a good sign of things ahead when the Raptors struggle mightily in three consecutive pre-season tussles at home against non upper echelon teams in the NBA … i.e. Philadelphia [an athletic squad this year], CSKA Moscow [Euroleague] and Minnesota [an improved athletic squad].

[Note 1: FWIW … Rodney Carney (6-7, G/F) showed last night some of the reasons he would have been a solid acquisition for the Raptors, this off-season, in a straight-up trade for TJ Ford, as advocated by this corner. Not a great player, by any means, but precisely the type of young 2/3 that the Dinos NEEDED to add.]

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2 Responses to “Game Review: Raptors vs Minnesota, Oct 16 2008”

  1. Wesley Moxam Says:

    Oh, whatever about Joey Graham. He still has to prove that he can play well consistantly. See our take here:

    And layoff O’Neal, he isn’t exactly playing heavy minutes in pre-season (for good reason) and will need some time to fit into the Raptor’s system.

  2. khandor Says:


    Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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