Charity time is almost over

In part, this corner has a tremendous amount of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for the Toronto Raptors’ head coach, Sam Mitchell, on account of what he says in post-game pressers … like this.

A couple of nights ago the Orlando Magic, distributed their minutes evenly amongst their entire roster and, in the process, absolutely drubbed CSKA Moscow by 30 points … whereas, last night, the Raptors were life & death with this same team until the final minutes of the game, while giving extended PT to their principal players … i.e. Bosh, O’Neal & Calderon.

This corner may not always agree 100% with the decisions made by Coach Mitchell but … after a difficult 1st year at the helm of the Raptors, during which he had to learn a great deal about the type of emotional maturity it takes to function successfully, at this level of competition, as a head coach … he has shown that he has what it takes to be effective in this League, over a number of years, based upon who he is as a person and his Basketball Philosophy.

Kudos to him, last night, for his (i) Honesty and his (ii) Judgment in dealing with the players on his own team, who might not realize just yet that the clock at the ball is approaching midnight, fast, and Cinderella best be paying close attention, if she has designs on making it back home with both of her glass slippers on her feet.

Yes, indeed … the Wizard of Westwood taught us all, long ago, what a coach’s best friend is when it comes to dealing with certain players and their inability to carry out their responsibilities to the team properly.

“We’ve played with fewer numbers before.”Sam Mitchell

Fact is … these eyes, ears, heart and mind like Sam Mitchell … a lot … on account of who he is. 🙂

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4 Responses to “Charity time is almost over”

  1. FLUXLAND Says:

    I was really hoping you caught the post game interview… was thinking of you while watching it and wondered what you thought.

    Pretty much everything I was alluding to yesterday. Some people “just don’t get it” and it has little to do with the individual teaching and or his methods. Of course it varies from player to player.

    “If don’t start applying what we are teaching… the things we spend hours and hours on..” love it!!

    Is that you JG?

    As I was saying yesterday, something tells me SM does not spend the majority of his time screaming and yelling at players and I highly doubt this is his modus operandi when it comes to coaching.

  2. FLUXLAND Says:

    Also, I have no idea who the gentleman standing beside the doorway near the podium was.. but he did not look impressed after SM gave his answers.. not in the least.

  3. khandor Says:


    * IMO, yesterday Coach Mitchell was not saying anything like, “Some people just don’t get it.”

    * Based on what I’ve seen from Coach Mitchell, thus far … actual ‘teaching’ may not be one of his strengths as a basketball coach.

    * Repeated yelling AT a player, in a game, is a sign that there has been something missing ‘in practice’ with this player and this coach.

    * Believe me when I tell you this …

    I have seen certain coaches at all different levels of play who do very different things ‘in practice’ with their team than they do ‘in games’ … without ever realizing that that is a fundamental mistake they are making as a coach.

    Without attending practice everyday … as you’ve said correctly elsewhere … there is no way for us to tell for sure what specific techniques are being used to teach & learn the NBA game by this team on a daily basis … however … when the behaviour of the coach in games involves repeatedly yelling at a specific player RATHER THAN doing what what Coach Mitchell did yesterday then it doesn’t reflect poorly on that specific player but on whomever it is that’s responsible for teaching this player what his responsiblities are in games, in the first place.

  4. khandor Says:

    re: Also, I have no idea who the gentleman standing beside the doorway near the podium was.. but he did not look impressed after SM gave his answers.. not in the least.

    A member of the Raptors’ communications staff … whose job must get pretty boring after a while.

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