Sweet music to these ears

There are many participants in the hoops blogosphere who could not fathom a comparison between the talents & abilities of two seemingly dis-similar NBA players like Ben Wallace [power & no finesse] and Amir Johnson [finesse & no power].


Curry: Johnson is Pistons’ starting forward
[Michael] Curry was careful not to make any direct comparisons to former Piston Ben Wallace but he believes Johnson can bring some of the same intangibles to the starting unit Wallace did.

“Ben could make a tremendous impact on a game without having any plays run for him. Amir is like Ben in that sense,” Curry said. “Amir can impact a game by how he rebounds, he can impact on the speed in which we play, offensively and defensively. His presence will be a welcome addition to that group.”


Unlike the resident of this place, they do not see what’s really there … hidden in plain sight.

Thus far, MC [Hammer] just keeps churning out the hits, as the Pistons’ new/old maestro, in Motown.


There’s a[n old] soul in the city, watching over us tonight …

UPDATE: Pre-quel … MC [Hammer] is a ‘Boy Scout’ at heart. 🙂

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