CDR: Chip meet shoulder

Every once in a while … a player falls through the cracks in the annual NBA Draft, and re-establishes the fact that many of the GM’s in the League do not have a special gift for adroit talent identification.


Nets’ Douglas-Roberts very motivated
Nearly 100 days have passed since Chris Douglas-Roberts was taken 40th in the NBA Draft and the Nets’ swingman’s bitterness from not going earlier hasn’t waned.

“I feel like I have to keep a chip anyway just to stay motivated, but that’s an extra boost for me,” Douglas-Roberts said after practice Thursday.

“I come into the gym with that on my mind every day. As crazy as it seems, that’s still on my mind. But it helps me in a way.”

So it hasn’t lessened at all?

“No,” Douglas-Roberts said.

This could be good for the Nets, if Douglas-Roberts takes it out on other teams.


When this many teams take a pass on a player like CDR it creates the kind of hunger which can carry a young man … who has good size, a high degree of athleticism, competitiveness, and a solid Basketball IQ … with authentic NBA talent a long way in this League.

Keep your eye on CDR … it says here … he is going to be a Pro’s Pro for a long time.

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2 Responses to “CDR: Chip meet shoulder”

  1. K-man Says:

    I like CDR but when he was in Memphis, I couldn’t help but think he was Francisco Garcia with no free throws. Garcia was a beast in college, I think more so than CDR, so maybe through some inverse analysis, CDR’s pro career will overshadow Garcia’s?

  2. khandor Says:


    Although I thought Garcia was a good college player, I thought CDR was better … not from a stats standpoint … which I don’t place much stock in anyways but … from an upside perspective.

    CDR is a much better ‘NBA athlete’, in comparison with Francisco.

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