Second good news out of Raptors’ camp

Well, well, well …


Raptors’ backcourt options
For the first time publicly, Mitchell said yesterday he’s not 100 per cent sure who’ll start next to Jose Calderon in the backcourt when the NBA season begins later this month.

A job that was all but ceded to Anthony Parker in the minds of many is now open for competition.

“I don’t know who’ll start at the two-guard.” Mitchell said. “It could be A.P., it could be Jason (Kapono).”

All but confirming that Jamario Moon will remain the starting small forward because of his athleticism and defensive abilities, the coach plans to split time for Parker and Kapono to get the most out of his two best three-point shooters.

“My mindset right now with those guys is those guys will split those minutes and depending on how guys are playing (it will determine) who’ll play a little bit more than the other,” the coach said.

“If Jason Kapono is lighting it up that night, Jason Kapono will play maybe 30 minutes and A.P. will play a little less regardless of who’s starting. If A.P.’s having a good night, maybe A.P. will play 30 minutes and Jason will play 20 minutes.”

Mitchell could very well keep the status quo and leave Parker to the starting role he’s had for the last two seasons. He didn’t say anything yesterday to suggest a decision was made and there are still weeks of practice and eight exhibition games to get the issue resolved.


seems as though Sam Mitchell might be putting the pieces together in the right combination for the Raptors’ rubic cube, this season … eventually.


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Q1. Who says that what some non-descript ‘blogger’ writes, in a non-descript corner of the net, has no relevance whatsoever to the way an NBA team actually decides to run its basketball operation?

A1. Not this trusty correspondent … that’s for darn sure! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Second good news out of Raptors’ camp”

  1. Dan H Says:

    Is this a sign of Smitch improving?

    Or perhaps a commentary on you 😉

    I am a huge proponent of having AP come off the bench, or at least limiting his minutes – he ain’t getting any younger or quicker.

  2. Raps Fan Says:

    hopefully it is dan. ultimately, imho, doesn’t matter who starts at sg, the hot player should be getting the minutes. much like when michael curry was a raptor. he started a ton of games, but rarely finished them.

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