Bryan Colangelo … unplugged

This is the best interview, with the Raptors’ GM, this corner has read since his arrival in Toronto [Feb 2006] … by far.


Season Preview: Colangelo Reworks the Raps How would you summarize last season for your team?
Bryan Colangelo: I think we were disappointing. Personally, I was disappointed in what transpired. Any time you go from 47 to 41, that’s a step backward. Having said that, we ended up in the same spot: a First Round playoff exit.

You’re constantly striving for more. We felt last year that we had improved our team, felt that perhaps the depth of the team was better. But we seemed, for whatever reason, to lack the chemistry that we had in my first year here.

Now, we’ve cleaned up the roster a little bit. We’ve taken out some of the guesswork so to speak. Part of it was by design and part of it was by necessity with the financial ramifications of the trade.


There are at least two good reasons this man is a GM, in the NBA, today:

i) He has the correct surname; and,

ii) He is exceptionally polished, in terms of his communications skills.


Do yourself a favour … if you’re a Raptors fan … read the whole thing.

Bryan Colangelo is a solid, middle-of-the-road GM, in the NBA … who, almost always, chooses his words very, very carefully … and don’t let anybody else tell you something different than that.


It says here … that Sam Mitchell might well be looking for a new gig by the 3rd week in December, if he’s not extremely careful how he handles this group of Raptors this season, and the team struggles out of the gate.

Fore-warned is fore-armed, my friends.

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