They ARE good … ala Baskin Robbins

Surveying the NBA landscape, via the net, any given day, can be like wading through a haystack in search of a needle.

That said … 

some of what struck these eyes as noteworthy, from around the association, yesterday were these two simple pearls, from Monty Williams [Assistant Coach] and Ben ‘the blogger’, respectively, at the Trailblazers’ first day of training camp:

A Few Thoughts from Practice


“… on my way out I said, ‘They look good.’

Monty replied, ‘They ARE good.’



The main takeaway from today for me was the challenge that Nate faces.  It’s one thing to diagram a depth chart on paper, it’s another to see all those big, multi-talented, athletic, versatile bodies all on the floor at once, going at it full-speed.  Lots of choices. Baskin Robbins status.


It’s the dawn of a new day in Portland, and … if Greg Oden can just manage to stay healthy … whoever might sleep on this crew, this season, is going to be in store for a Rude Awakening.

This team is deep, skilled, long and very athletic … with a solid head coach.

NOTE: To think that some Raptors’ fans actually believe that Toronto [41-41] is somehow ahead of Portland [41-41], right now … i.e. Are we better than the Blazers right now? … is head-scratching stuff.

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