First good news out of Raptors’ camp

According to a report on FAN590 radio, this is how things are shaping up during the early stages of training camp for the Toronto Raptors:

STARTING UNIT: Calderon, Parker, Moon, O’Neal & Bosh

2nd Unit: Ukic, Kapono, Graham, Humphries & Bargnani

Reserves: Solomon or Adams & Jawai or Sampson

As straight-forward, conventional line-ups go, in the NBA … if the Raptors eventually decide to stick with this one – i.e. using Kapono & Graham as the primary back-ups for Parker & Moon, at the 2 & 3 positions, respectively – they are going to find themselves in a solid position to compete night-in and night-out with the other 2nd tier group of teams in the Eastern Conference, on the heels of Detroit and Boston … so long as there are no major injuries to Bosh, O’Neal or Calderon.

As is … the major problem with this team is the overall Lack of Quality Depth … but, there’s no denying the fact that the squad has 10 pieces to the puzzle of a 15-piece Playoff Contender Set, in the Eastern Conference, this season.

If Raptors fans everywhere do their best to avoid (i) crossing paths with Black Cats, (ii) walking underneath ladders, and (iii) breaking mirrors, etc., who knows … maybe just this one time, this team can roll the dice, in this way, and gingerly side-step the injury bugaboo that almost always rears its head and derails the best laid plans of mice & men who try to play the game with a short stack.

Although, in general … high risk, low reward propositions seldom produce a winning combination, in the NBA, over the long grind of an 82-game season.

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  1. VeRonda Says:

    Just maybe…

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