Raptors unveil … a new way to make money for MLSE

Unlike some others in the hoops’ blogosphere …


Black is the new Red: Raptors unveil new third jersey
Olympic medalists Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon unveiled the Raptor’s alternate road uniform Thursday at Air Canada Centre in front of fans, guests and some guy named Matt Devlin. They look pretty slick.


for this corner, keeping this franchise solidly IN THE BLACK … majorly in the BLACK, in fact, to the Raptuous Tune of Big-Time profits … is all it’s been about for the Dinos, since the shift in ownership, several years ago, from the original John Bitove/Isiah Thomas group to the all-encompassing conglomerate control of the parent company known as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment [MLSE].

In terms of black unis, to these eyes, this style belongs, first and foremost, to the original San Antonio Spurs, then les infants terribles Orlando Magic, and best of all to the 6-time World Champions, Chicago Bulls, of a different completely era.

In today’s game, however … when organizations like the Lakers and the Pistons and the Celtics [etc.] – historically talented and championship-worthy NBA teams – are choosing to keep their focus on things like winning and tradition, this corner takes particular note … in sharp constrast to some other otpp-rich-and-larry-come-lately-wannabee outfits, without a single appearance in an NBA Finals to their credit yet, but a slew of less-than-.500 finishes, and a number of seasons with 1st Round Playoff exits … who seem most intent, not on doing what’s necessary to build a championship calibre NBA team, down-the-road for this franchise … e.g. like acquiring the best available young talent [i.e. Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge or Rudy Gay, in the 2006 NBA Draft] with considerable upside for their roster … but on making the MOST MOOLA possible, for their ownership group, while distributing an insidious and lethal does of treadmill-status-camoflaging Kool-Aid to their rabid fan base, year after year after year after …  



Black is NOT the new Red for the Toronto Raptors.
Far from it.

BLACK is simply the colour it’s been ‘about’ for this ‘outfit’ since that ownership transfer took place, behind closed doors … only difference is, now it’s also on full public display, merchandising style, for everyone else to see for themselves.

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9 Responses to “Raptors unveil … a new way to make money for MLSE”

  1. Dan H Says:

    The parallels you draw between the black and red of the ownership’s profit margin and the “black is the new red” for the Raptors…

    Having been a Raptors and Leafs fan all my life, I’ve given up on MLSE, and my stomach’s been wretching for years. As such, I have no choice but to find that parallel hilarious.

  2. toronto raptors linkage – sept 27 Says:

    […] – Khandor’s Sports Blog […]

  3. Raps Fan Says:

    i agree on all three fronts khandor:

    1 – mlse as a profit center
    2 – mlse is good at creating the perception that they are competin for a championship
    3 – the uniforms are sweet

  4. Dave Says:

    I loved those white Raps uniforms that they wore during the European tour in preseason last year. I wish they’d change their home uniforms to that. They were classy.

  5. Arsenalist Says:

    Bang on Khan. This is obviously a move to make even more money, the reason I’m not too upset is because as a long-time soccer fan I’ve gotten used to team’s changing their “kits” every year so I took this one in stride.’

    I totally understand/agree with your frustration about not focusing on winning but these stupid little things…

  6. khandor Says:

    Dan H,

    In terms of MLSE … IMO, repeated unintended hilarity eventually breeds unbridled contempt … amongst a knowledgeable fan base.

    Only question remaining for me is this:

    “How knowledgeable really is the fan base for the Maple Leafs & the Raptors?”

    Although an historical perspective would suggest that Toronto’s pro sports fan is a knowledgeable consumer, on the whole, events over the last 7 years or so … i.e. since MLSE seized total control of the operation … would indicate otherwise, i.e. consistently SOLD OUT home games and ZERO Playoff Series Victories.

    At some point … you would have to think that a truly knowledgeable fan base, simply won’t continue to drink the KOOL-AID regarding the real M.O. of this bottom-line profit-centered operation.

    Winning a League Championship has NEVER BEEN a PRIORITY for the People Who Operate MLSE … i.e. Leafs in no rush for Stanley Cup [Exhibit A]; Is Stanley Cup half-full or half-empty?[Exhibit B]

    MLSE is solidly, majorly, fantastically in the BLACK.

    This is ALL that truly matters for this band of Corporate Capitalists.

  7. khandor Says:


    When a winning tradition-laiden side … e.g. Man U or The Gunners … change their strip it’s of little consequence to me, like it is for you.

    But when sad-sack outfits do it … to shamelessly capitalize of merchandizing opportunities for the team’s owner[s] it simply turns my stomach.

    WIN FIRST, and foremost.

    Then … think about trying to give something BACK to your loyal fan base.

    Then … think about trying to increase the profits for the bottom-line.

    In my book, owning a pro sports franchise is unlike any other business venture, if it’s run properly.

    If it’s not … it’s a situation for the economic ‘bean-counters’ of this world and a gigantic distraction – i.e. a waste of badly needed resources – for the prolitariat.

  8. khandor Says:


    Until the Raptors establish themselves as a solid team in the NBA … personally, I couldn’t care less what their uniforms looked like … as long as it isn’t of the ‘comic book’ variety.

    i.e. Pick a colour, or two, or three. Stick with it. Then win, a lot. Simple stuff. 🙂

  9. khandor Says:

    Raps Fan,

    re: 1 – mlse as a profit center
    2 – mlse is good at creating the perception that they are competin for a championship
    3 – the uniforms are sweet

    1 … Fortune 500 all the way
    2 … but, in this case, PERCEPTION is NOT close to reality
    3 … yeah, like Saccharin

    🙂 … 😦

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