Some things money can’t buy


Sticking with today’s theme of irresistibility …


Hou’s back; Steph, too, for now
“There wouldn’t be no negotiation,” Marbury said. “They’re going to give me all my money. … If they want to waive me and give me all my money, fine. If not, …” 


Given the latest news from the former 1st Round Draft Pick of the Milwaukee Bucks (1996, No. 4 overall) … someone needs to create a new commercial for the “Comments of Steph” … along the lines of:

Scene 1 – “Random Steph comment #1 … $5.99

Scene 2 – “Random Steph comment #2 … $1.98

Scene 3 – “Random Steph comment #3 … $21,900,000.00

Scene 4 – “Being in a place you’re wanted … AND trying to help the New York Knicks win a championship … Priceless. There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else … there’s Marburyscard.”

Then, again … maybe not. -)

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2 Responses to “Some things money can’t buy”

  1. Travis Outlaw Says:

    Marbury did do one good thing his $15 dollar shoes.

  2. khandor Says:

    Just imagine in your lifetime … ever getting paid $21,900,000.00 … NOT to play the game you love.


    IMO … the Knicks have no choice but to invite Steph to camp; see what shakes down, and then go forward from there.

    There are worst possible scenarios than having Starbury with the ball in his hands, a lot, during the first season of Mike D’Antoni’s new reign with the Knick’s franchise.

    ‘Seven Seconds or Less’ … is rarely a problem for Steph. 🙂


    But, man …

    $21.9 million dollars. [Holy frigg’n Cow!]

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