More Raptors’ kool-aid mix

Okay … this one truly is Simply Irrestible.


Jermaine in Toronto: Beyond the Obvious
This highlighted a long-standing problem for Toronto; the Raptors’ abject lack of interior defense, as well as the fact that we continued to play Chris Bosh out of position at the center spot despite the fact that he’s not physically equipped to handle a behemoth like Dwight with any reasonable hope for success.


Chris Bosh [6-11, 210] is somehow not equipped to handle a behemoth like Dwight Howard [6-10, 240]?


Bill Russell was 6-9, 215.
Wilt Chamberlain was 7-1, 250. 

Seems like Russ did just fine, back in the day. 🙂

It’s amazing that this ^^^ type of nonsense is still being circulated on the net by most some Raptors’ fans who really should know better, by this point … given the performance just given by Chris Bosh, this summer, representing Team USA, at the Beijing Olympics, and what’s been crystal clear to some NBA observers for a long, long time …

* Chris Bosh’s strength as a player and a person
* Redeem Team accomplishes mission
* De-constructing the mystery that is Chris Bosh

Those Raptors’ faithful who STILL DON’T GET IT … are simply deluding themselves, if they think Chris Bosh’s best option in the NBA is to play, night-in and night-out, as a Power Forward.

Q&A: Did Bosh convince you in Beijing?

In the experience of this observer … one dimensional and ultra-conventional, stuck-inside-the-box, old school thinking is the standard method of operation for the majority of this team’s fans, who are exceptionally active in the blogosphere … but are not necessarily the most acute, in the NBA today.

In sharp contrast to what you might think, and what the Raptors’ organization might WANT their fans to believe, Chris Bosh’s optimal position in the NBA is CENTER … the position he just played for the Redeem Team.

This is the position which best suits his character, his unique skill set, and at which he can take best advantage of the mis-match possibilities he presents – offensively, defensively and rebounding-wise – for his team, in the NBA [as well as, in the FIBA Game] … not the Power Forward spot.

While the Raptors’ basketball braintrust, and the majority of their fans, might now be enamoured with the option of playing Jermaine O’Neal at Center for their team, in place of Chris Bosh, it seems they will need to learn the hard way that … all is not as simple as it looks, at first-glance, and … there are some things in this world which, might be delectable to the eye but, are in need of avoidance, at all costs, as a violation of straight-forward ‘Foundation Principles’ of the game …

e.g. Quickness, relative to an Opponent, at the position played, is the most important athletic quality for a basketball player. – John Wooden

Although increased POWER may be alluring, it does not pave the road to success in hoops.


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Simply irresistible – [Robert Palmer] Bryan Colangelo

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7 Responses to “More Raptors’ kool-aid mix”

  1. toronto raptors linkage – sept 25 Says:

    […] – Khandor’s Sports Blog […]

  2. malefax Says:

    So, Chris bosh is a centre, not a power forward. Sounds fine. But you haven’t at all explained why. No evidence at all, except that he played centre on the redeem team. I don’t disagree, but I don’t find this at all convincing either.

  3. khandor Says:


    Have you clicked on each of the links I provided in the original entry [above]?

    If you have, then, please point out what you might not understand about what I’ve already explained in those other entries.

    I’ll then do my best to illustrate my opinion further, if need be.

  4. Paps Says:

    Bosh and Oneal are going to do a lot of switching this year. If you have to call him a center that’s fine but their both going to be 4 and 5’s. It will be up to the mismatches in the game.

  5. khandor Says:


    There is nothing wrong with Bosh & O’Neal ‘switching’ … if the situation dictates this … however,

    it’s not just an esoteric NEED of some sort to call Bosh a Center, rather than a Power Forward.

    One of the subtle things some [many?] do not understand about dictating how an opponent is going to be able to match-up with your own players on offense, defense & in terms of rebounding … is the size & individual game tendencies/abilities of the other 4 players on the court with any 1 specific player.

    If Bosh is matched-up on Defense with the opposition’s #4, then, in most cases he loses almost all of his quickness advantage … which is by far his biggest strength, as a legit Big in the NBA.

    If O’Neal is matched-up with the ‘Biggest Low Post Scoring Threat’ the opposition has … this is also not the most favourable defensive situation for him, from a Strength/Power standpoint [almost always] or from a Quickness perspective [less frequently, but still once in a while, and moreso perhaps given his recent spat of leg injuries] …

    so, in effect, the Raptors lose the individual match-ups at both of those two spots.

    This is NOT a good situation … especially, in comparison with an alternative arrangement, which would see, for example:

    PF – Kris Humphries; and,
    C – Chris Bosh.

    In this set-up:

    Hump [6-9] is both quick & strong enough to nullify most of the other #4’s in the NBA.

    While, Bosh would lose the individual Strength/Power match-up vs quite a few of the other Centers in the NBA … there is NO ONE else in the NBA who is QUICKER than CB4, at the Pivot Spot. NO ONE [save for Kevin Garnett, when he shifts there periodically]. This would be a significant advantage for the Raptors … both, against his own check, in certain situations and, secondly, against each of the other 4 players on the floor for the opposition that a Defensive Center is ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR PREVENTING, NOT ALLOWING EASY BASKETS IN THE LANE.

    Back in the day … there were many, many nights where Wilt Chamberlain outscored Bill Russell by a wide margin but the Celtics still won the game, easily.


    Cause Wilt might go for 45 pts versus Mr. Russell, individually … which is not enough points to win the game by himself, especially if a good opponent knows EXACTLY when and where the other team’s points are coming from … WHILE Mr. Russell would block so many of Wilt’s teammates shots and intimidate other ones and collect each and every defensive rebound – due to his defensive quicks & agility – that poor Wilt was left, in essence, teammate-less, in that particular game … which the Celtics almost always won.

    Quickness, relative to a specific opponent, at the position played, is the key to determining the proper match-ups in a basketball game … and deciding which players should be playing in which spots of the five available on the floor, at any given point in time … offensively, defensively and in terms of rebounding.

    Chris Bosh has this advantage at the #5-spot … but, not at the #4.

    Likewise … with a line-up of O’Neal & Bosh …

    IMO, the Raptors’ preference SHOULD almost always be to have Chris guard the opposition’s #5 and to have Jermaine to guard their #4 … unless, of course, this specific check is too quick or O’Neal, in which case, then, Hump should be getting that assignment.

  6. Robin Says:

    I can see your point about playing Bosh at the 5 with Kris Humphries at the 4, but since the defense can choose to guard however they wish, would they not just put their 4 on Bosh and their 5 on Humphries? It seems like the defense always gets to dictate the matchups once the players are on the court (ie: Steve Nash guarding Bruce Bowen while Marion/Diaw checks Parker).

    That said, I do like the Bosh-Oneal pairing. Both of them are better as face-up big men than as power players, and I think their versatilities will complement each other. The greatest myth about Oneal is that he’s a low-post player, largely fueled by his consistent 20-10 seasons and his outstanding shot-blocking. While Oneal can play in the low-post when he has a size advantage, his post play is fairly mechanical. I think he’ll play better offensively in Toronto because he won’t be forced to grind in the post every other possession.

  7. khandor Says:


    If the Defense puts their 4 on Bosh, in the post, and their 5 on Hump, on the perimeter:

    then the Raptors SHOULD exploit their two mis-matches … i.e.

    * With his size advantage & his quickness, Bosh is better than every 4 in the NBA … EXCEPT FOR Kevin Garnett … operating on the block;

    * With his quickness advantage, Hump is far superior to any 5 in NBA when playing on the perimeter.

    IF the Defense follows this exact tactic … sit should soon be ‘lights for them’ on this end of the floor. 🙂

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